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The Complete Green Holidays 2010

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 A series of posts about being green and saving green during the holidays by Eco-novice and green guru Kelly of miskellany.

Posts by Eco-novice
Holiday Reflections
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle while Wrapping Gifts
Children's Book Advent Calendar with an Eco-friendly Twist
If I Can Sew This, So Can You: DIY Reusable Gift Bags

Posts by Eco-novice
How to Be a Green Consumer
Green Moms Carnival: Green Your Black Friday
Two Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dishes
Thanksgiving Reflections
Green Gifts for Adults: Reusables
Green Gifts for Adults: Cookbooks
Current and Aspirational Christmas Traditions

Guest posts by miskellany
building a greener wish list
Eco Gifts for Little Ones