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Disposable to Reusable: Durable Grocery Bags - Reduce Reuse and Save

Now, I don't usually engage in blatant advertising, but this is an AMAZING SALE.  Since I purchased several things myself, I thought you readers might also be interested.  I think prices last until the stuff runs out.

Recycled cotton dual-handled tote, $2.95 (70% off)
I got four of this bag (pictured above) for $3 (regularly $10).  These will be my new grocery bags!  I'll always put meat in the plastic one, and wash the bags about once a month or so.  I have been using the cheap-y 99 cent reusable plastic bags sold at Trader Joe's, Whole Foods and everywhere else, but after a year or less of use, they are falling apart.  In addition, they cannot be washed.  Also, reading about lead in cheap reusable bags did give me pause.  So I'm buying my new grocery bags from a reputable source that I trust.  Both the cotton and PET plastic bags are made from 100% recycled materials and are machine washable (drip dry).  I'll let you know how I like them after I've had a chance to use them.

Reuseit Workhorse, on sale for $3.95 (64% off)

I also purchased the Reuseit Workhorse bag (pictured above) to keep in my husband's car, in the hopes that it will help him kick his single-use plastic bag habit.  He doesn't shop much anyway, but I feel sad when he makes a run to Rite Aid for infant ibuprofen and comes home with one of those single-use plastic bags.  The Reuseit Workhorse is 100% recycled and folds up nice and compact (we'll store it in the glove compartment).

Snack bag and stuff sack, $1.95 (61% off)

I also purchased these little drawstring bags made of recycled PET.  I'll use them for snacks on the go as well as toys and other miscellaneous junk that I used to put in disposable Ziploc baggies.  I got one in each color so they'll be easy to tell apart.

Cotton produce bags, $1.50 (49% off)

I'm also searching for produce bags that I really like.  I have some mesh ones I bought at Whole Foods that work fine at the Farmer's Market.  But I'd like a bag that keeps food pretty well in the fridge, or that I can use to store other stuff (that you would normally store in a gallon Ziploc) as well.  So I'm giving these cotton produce bags ($1.50 each) a little test drive. My friend LR likes these produce bags.

Why I Like
In recognition of their work to reduce consumption of wasteful, single-use, disposable products, has received numerous awards, including Green America's People's Choice and Longtime Leadership Awards. The non-profit Green America promotes environmental sustainability, social and economic justice. donates 1% of sales to environmental organizations. They also provide donations and scholarships to like-minded non-profits.

Disclosure: I recently became an affiliate for  If you buy something from them via my blog, I receive a small percentage of the purchase.  Read my disclosure policy here.