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About Me

My name is Betsy. I am a mom of three young children, an occasional policy analyst, and the author of the blog Eco-novice: Going Green Gradually, where I chronicle my eco-successes and failures. I discuss such topics as cheap and easy ways to go green, cloth diapering and early potty training, switching from disposables to reusables, and limiting your family's exposure to toxic chemicals. My background is in science, education, and public policy. My writing has been featured on websites such as Healthy Child Healthy World and

I call myself the Eco-novice because after five years or so on this journey, I still often feel like a green newbie. I was inspired to “go green” after the birth of my first child, and at that time my primary obsession was all the crazy toxic chemicals in consumer products and the environment. I spent hours and hours on the computer researching safer, more natural options with my first baby on my lap. I had just left a job in policy research, so I was still in the research mode.

I started my blog a few years later because I wanted somewhere to dump all that information I'd accumulated in my head, and figured that someone else might as well benefit from all the research I had done and still do to help make choices that are healthier for my family and for the planet.

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