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top 10 eco-books for kids

Another guest post by Kelly of miskellany. 

Looking for environmentally-friendly books for children means more than just picking up a copy of 50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth at your local bookstore or library. Tips for environmental action are great for older kids, but cultivating a love of nature can start from a very early age. Here are some of my favorite books that encourage love and respect for our planet for kids of different ages . Any one of these books would make an excellent Christmas gift for a special little someone in your life.

Board Books:

1. Hush Little Baby offers a non-material alternative to the classic lullaby.

2. In My Nest allows little hands to explore the world of birds hands on.

3. Haiku Baby introduces babies to the seasons through poetry.

4. Baby Beluga follows a whale and other sea creatures through a day in their lives.

5. Charley Harper ABCs has beautiful illustrations of many different animals in alphabetical order.

Picture Books:

1. The Little House shares that the best life is a simple life, after all.

2. Just a Dream teaches kids about the possible consequences of not caring for our planet.

3. Old Turtle sees meaning in all of the natural world.

4. The Giving Tree can be read as a metaphor for the demands we place on the earth.

5. If the World Were a Village helps give kids a global perspective.

What are your favorite children's books that encourage a love of the natural world or knowledge about conservation?

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