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My 10 Favorite Etsy Wood Toy Stores {GIVEAWAY}

Note to readers (April 2013): Some of these Etsy stores are now closed or not selling products at this time. If the item you are interested in is unavailable, try searching Etsy. Their search engine is pretty good.

Whenever the grandparents give me some cash to buy gifts for my kids, I visit Etsy.  Now you are about to be the beneficiary of my many hours spent browsing the world of Etsy for the coolest wood toys.  You can read all about the reasons why I love buying toys on Etsy HERE.  If you don't have an Etsy account, you might want to make one now, so you can add these stores to your "favorites."  I have purchased toys from the last two sellers listed.  All the others are on my Etsy wish list. 

A description of each Etsy store follows the photos of some of my favorite products by the seller. "Small" vehicles are the scale of Hot Wheels or slightly larger.  "Large" vehicles are more than one foot long.  "Medium" vehicles are somewhere in between.   

Note that I have no affiliation with any of these stores.  I just love them, and that is all.

***Photo captions give total price (including shipping).***
Most sellers give discounts for shipping multiple items together. 

Small 18 Wheeler, 17" long ($35) and Large Farm Truck, 15" long ($55)
Large finished wooden trucks, airplanes and Model T's, as well as animal trains, horse and wagon sets, and pull toys.  One of the few makers of affordable large wood vehicles I have found on Etsy.  Made in Port Ewen, New York.  Free shipping!

Fire truck with 2 wood ladders, 9" long ($35) and Skid loader, 4" long ($31)
Medium-sized unfinished wood cars and trucks made from black walnut with non-toxic glue.  Made by Wes in Oklahoma.  I've had my eye on that loader for quite some time.  25% discount on toys and shipping through December 18th (simply write "Eco-novice" in the comment).

Rabbit with Baby, 9" tall ($20.45) and Tractor Trailer, 18" long ($27.45)
Animals, mother with baby, tractor trailer, and other finished wood jigsaw puzzles.  Puzzles are made with 3/4" solid hardwood and finished with food-grade mineral oil.  All pieces are large enough to not be choking hazards (unless stated otherwise).  Made by a great-grandfather and Navy Vet in Virginia.  10% discount on orders when you mention Eco-novice when placing an order.

Gas Station and Tanker, Tanker is 12" long ($39) and Road Packer, 6.5" ($19)
If you want to create a wood town for your wood vehicles, this is the store for you.  This seller makes buildings, like the gas station pictured above, an auto service center, and a post office. This store also features unfinished and painted small and medium-sized vehicles as well as wooden people, crayon holders, and block sets.  Made in Colorado.

Wand ($11.50) and Wooden Toy Helicopter, 7.5" long ($10.50
This store features simple, open-ended and colorful wood toys, including rolling and stacking wood toys.  Wands, rainbow stackers, little animals and trees, colorful blocks, organic cotton and wood teether/dolls.  Made by a mother of two in Indiana.  

Stubby van, 6" long ($14) and Pink Elephant Rollimal ($12)
This store features both painted and unfinished medium-sized wood vehicles and rolling animals, including a blue whale, dragon, and ladybug.  The toymaker is a stay-at-home dad who makes toys on the side about one mile north of Washington DC."  No custom orders. Free shipping!

Set of 3 Zoo animals, 4" to 7.5" tall ($39.25, single animal costs about $16)
Medium-sized rolling zoo, farm and dinosaur animals -- both unfinished wood and colorfully painted.  This seller also makes vehicles and pull toys.  Made by parents of a young girl in Ohio.

My First Train Set, 27" long ($48.75) and Car transporter, 6.5" long ($16.50)
Woman Woodworker’s Natural Wood Toys (store closed)
Unfinished small and medium-sized wood trains, cars, trucks, and rolling animals, as well as teething rings and block sets made by a mother of small children in Minnesota.

Wood toy semi, 7.25" long ($7.91) and Wood toy train, 23" long, ($21.55)
Marv’s Cars
Small and medium-sized finished and unfinished wood cars, trucks and trains.  These are the cheapest wood vehicles I've found on the Internet (the smallest ones cost less than $2 a piece).  Buy a set and save even more.  I've bought a bunch of cars and trains from this seller.  Made in Iowa by a retired US Army Master Sergeant.  Profits from the Etsy store go towards covering the cost of handcrafted wood toys that are donated to children in hospitals and orphanages. The picture above is of the 5-car train we bought.  My son loves to use it as a car transporter (note that the Hot Wheels are not included in your purchase).

Semi Truck with Car Carrier Trailer, 6.5" long ($8.50) and Set of 4 cars and trucks, 3.5" to 5.5" long ($13.45)
Small unfinished vehicle and building blocks made of pine and birch woods.  I've bought small and medium-sized vehicles from this seller.  The giant garbage truck this seller custom made for me is a favorite toy in our house.  My 1-year-old girl and 3-year-old boy both love it.  Made in Spokane Valley, Washington.  

Now for the GIVEAWAY!!!

How would you like to win 

KnockinWood's Model T Car, 8" long ($35)


Buckaroo's Fire Truck with 2 Ladders, 9" long ($35)

Here's how to enter:
One entry for leaving a comment below.
One entry for spreading the word about this giveaway and then leaving an additional comment telling me how you did it (email, Facebook, Twitter, your blog). 
One entry for visiting Buckaroo's Etsy shop and KnockinWood's Etsy shop and leaving an additional comment telling me your favorite toy on each site.

3 possible comments, 3 possible entries.  If I cannot contact you through your comment (Blogger profile, blog, etc.), then leave your email in one of your comments.  

Contest ends Thursday, December 2, 2010.  Winner will be announced on my homepage on Friday, December 3, 2010, and will be contacted by email if possible. 

And the winner is. . . Go Green Baby!  Thanks to all for participating.

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