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How Often Does Your Baby Poop Up Her Back?

My 5-day-old baby wearing a Kissaluvs fitted diaper.

When my first child was an infant, he had "pooplosions" almost every time he pooped. I'm going to estimate 90% of the time he pooped the poop went up his back and ended up all over his onesie. The reasons are simple: disposable diapers have a slick luge-like surface and very weak elastic around the back; infant poop is pretty runny; and infants tend to poop with a fair amount of force.

I used to live in fear that one of those poop-up-the-back incidents would occur at a particularly inopportune time, like when he was wearing one of my favorite outfits, at church or while shopping, or when I forgot to replace the extra clothing stash in the diaper bag. I distinctly remember how carefully I would transport him to the changing table after I heard him poop, gingerly carrying him upright by his arms and then unsnapping his onesie and pulling it far up his back before laying him down on his back in the hopes of keeping (additional) poop off his clothes.

One of the wonderful surprises of cloth diapers was that cloth diapers eliminated pooplosions completely. My second baby (who wore cloth diapers from birth) pooped up her back exactly zero times while wearing cloth diapers. (She did have a few pooplosions while wearing disposables.)  My third baby, now a few months old, also has never pooped up her back while wearing a cloth diaper. It's a beautiful thing.

Here are my favorite cloth diapers for newborns.

Kissaluvs size 0 fitted diaper

From 0 to about 3 months, we use Kissaluvs size 0 (5-15 pounds) fitted diapers. A fitted diaper is shaped like a disposable diaper and closes with snaps or Velcro. The Kissaluvs fitted diaper closes with snaps. The big advantage of using a fitted diaper is that they have elastic at the legs and back, which makes them great at containing messy poops. Now any cloth diaper (including the humble prefold simply folded in thirds) will allow fewer pooplosions than a disposable, but the Kissaluvs fitted diaper is legendary for being leak-free. The newborn size also folds down in front so you can keep the umbilical cord region dry.

You do need to use a cover over the fitted diaper to make it waterproof. Since your cover will rarely get soiled while using a fitted diaper (because the fitted diaper contains the messes so well), you can purchase fewer covers or use a wool cover if you want to (wool covers are more expensive and a little higher maintenance, but have the advantage of being all-natural and more breathable). We use Prorap, Thirsties or Imse Vimse covers with our Kissaluvs fitted diapers. But I'm thinking of trying a wool cover this time around!

For a quick introduction to the sometimes confusing world of cloth diapers, see my post:
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How often does your baby poop up his or her back?
What are your favorite newborn diapers?

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