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What’s for Breakfast? Scrambled Eggs

One of my goals after my month of Plastic Awareness was to eat less packaged cereal.  And lately, cold cereal with milk just hasn’t been filling us up enough anyway.  Anyone with kids also knows that breakfast for dinner is always a good idea, and a pretty painless way to have a Meatless Monday too!  So this month each Wednesday I’m featuring a favorite breakfast recipe.   

These eggs are delish.

Scrambled Eggs 
This is a modified version of a Barefoot Contessa recipe.

cup milk ( or about 1 T milk per egg)
t salt (1 turn of sea salt grinder per egg)
pepper (1 turn pepper grinder per egg)
1 t
2 t
1 T
1 T

Mix eggs, milk, salt and pepper.  Heat cast iron skillet on medium-low.  Melt and spread butter in pan, then add egg mixture, then turn heat down a bit.  Fold and flip as the eggs cook until no longer wet. Serve with whole wheat toast and orange juice.

I always make scrambled eggs in my beloved Le Creuset enameled cast iron 11” skillet.  Some folks also report success with regular seasoned cast iron or stainless steel skillets.  Neither has ever worked for me. If there happen to be any leftover scrambled eggs, we try to eat them within a day because I find they don’t taste good after that.  My 2-year-old will eat them cold for breakfast or lunch, or I sometimes include them in a bean and cheese burrito for my lunch.  

What's for Breakfast?

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