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Favorite Nighttime Cloth Diapers

Nighttime diapering can be a challenge for everyone.  My first child nursed and peed a TON at night, and I tried various tricks with disposables (next size up, night time diapers, one diaper on top of another with the bottom of the first cut open) and still had leaking at night on a regular basis.

When I switched to cloth diapers when my first child was about one year old, I followed the recommendation of Jillian's Drawers: bumGenius with two bumGenius inserts.  The leaking was even worse than it had been with disposables!  But, after several phone calls with my sister (who uses cloth) and Jillian's Drawers (awesome customer service), I settled on a bumGenius diaper stuffed with one bumGenius insert plus one HEMP insert/doubler (more absorbent).  This solved my problem with baby #1.

bumGenius One-Size Cloth Diaper Blossom

I started cloth diapers with baby #2 from birth, and she pees even MORE at night than baby #1 did.  The Bum Genius + BG insert + hemp insert did not cut it with her.  But I have FINALLY found a solution and have been leak-free from weeks!  Please note the baby #2 also tends to poop first thing in the morning before I have a chance to change her diaper, so leaky diaper often means leaky pee and leaky poop.  Here is the solution:
Thirsties Hemp Inserts 2 Pack, Large 18-40 lbs

This leads to a bulky butt, but a happy mom and baby.  BumGenius pocket diapers diapers are a popular choice at night because they have fleece against the baby's skin (which feels pretty dry even after the baby pees) and are pocket diapers, so you can stuff them as much as you need to to add extra absorbency.  However, I've found that the bumGenius gets damp on the gussets once the diaper is saturated and then leaks a bit onto the clothes (and won't hold poop when the baby poops in the morning).  The Thirsties cover keeps the wet gussets away from the clothes and helps hold all the pee and poop in. 

What are your nighttime diapering tricks and challenges?

Thirsties Diaper Cover- Sky Blue, X-Small