Two Rules for Feeding Your Baby

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1. Only feed her food you would want to eat

  • Because you will end up either throwing away a whole lot of food or eating her leftovers
  • Because you will have to eat the food in front of her to convince her it is worth eating/ safe to eat

    2. Only eat food in front of your baby that you are OK with her eating

    • Because they want to eat whatever you are eating

        Thus, no dried cereal plus liquid. Because it's gross. And costs a lot of money. I am willing to eat my baby's whole grain cereal mush that I make myself -- not my favorite, but fresh and edible. Baby #2 tries to grab food and drink from me all the time, so I am careful what I eat when I am holding her.

        Babies are probably hard-wired to want to eat what you are eating.  Capitalize on that.  If you want your baby to eat something (for example, whole grains), you should start eating it.  If you don't want your baby to eat something (for example, Oreos or soda), stop eating it or don't eat it in front of her.

        What are your rules for feeding your baby?

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        1. I'm going through this situation right now w/ baby #2. She's almost 6 months old and she wants everything I have in my hand. Considering her lack of solids at this point (she's BF), it's been difficult to find things that she can eat that aren't processed *i.e. I can't stop and feed her the Wheat Thins and Minestrone soup she's grabbing at just b/c she wants it* I practically have to starve myself until she either falls asleep and I can eat a meal or try to find her something that she can eat that won't be too harsh on her stomach. Feeding her the same food the rest of our family eats has become more of a challenge than I thought it would be. I realize sometimes why we started my first daughter out on jarred baby food. Hopefully once she gets older, her variety will expand and she can eat more flavorful foods.


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