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Favorite Daytime Cloth Diapers

Factory Seconds Prefold diapers, Infant 4x8x4, UnbleachedBumGenius 3.0 One-Size Cloth Diaper- Zinna

Many moons later, I am still using cloth diapers. My almost 3 year old is currently potty training (I used cloth diapers with him from 1 year on up), and I have been using cloth since birth with my 8-month old.

To get started, I did a cloth diaper trial with Jillian's Drawers for $10 to familiarize myself with what was out there. Here's what I ended up using for my first child (ages 1 - 2.75 years):

  • Some free homemade-ish fitted diapers with velcro (not awesome, but free, and better at containing poop than a prefold folded in thirds) and prefolds folded in thirds (the wrong way) inside Thirsties/ Imse vimse covers.
  • I also used BumGenius (a pocket diaper) in the diaper bag for quicker and easier diaper changes on the toddler while out and about.
  • I also used Imse Vimse flushable liners on top of the diaper to make poop removal easier.

    Thirsties Diaper Cover- Celery, Small

    For my little girl, I acquired a few more diapers specifically for newborns and babies.

    What are your favorite cloth diapers for newborns? Toddlers?