Celebrate a Special Day with a Special Breakfast

I love breakfast, so for special occasions like holidays or birthdays or even just the arrival of the weekend, I love to celebrate with a special breakfast.

We regularly have whole grain pancakes, French toast, German pancakes, or scrambled eggs, for breakfast. If you are used to eating cold cereal with milk for breakfast, any hot homemade deliciousness could be a special breakfast. Around here, I need to kick it up a notch to make breakfast special.

For this most recent Christmas Day and New Year's Day we enjoyed our usual scrambled eggs, with toasted french bread, orange juice, with local bacon (cook the bacon first and then cook the scrambled eggs in the same pan in the bacon fat - yum!) and cinnamon rolls.  See the photo above. When you have a breakfast like that, you can skip lunch!

For Easter Sunday in a few weeks, we may do a repeat of this highly popular menu, but I'm actually leaning towards our decadent whole grain pancake breakfast (whole grain pancakes topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit) because strawberries are back at the farmers market. They aren't as amazingly sweet and delicious as summertime strawberries and they are pretty expensive at this time of year, but boy are we excited to be eating strawberries again at my house.

Maybe we'll have a special breakfast on the Vernal Equinox as well. I love an excuse for a special breakfast.

Do you make special breakfasts to celebrate special days?
What is your favorite dish for Easter brunch? 

This post is part of the Green Mom's Carnival about greening your Easter. Check out Big Green Purse on Monday, March 18 for more great ideas.


  1. homemade breakfast is a perfect excuse to spend more time together as a family. I recently found a cast iron waffle maker so I am back making whole grain homemade waffles. I think I will make a special meal tomorrow in honor of the spring equinox! happy Easter! Happy Spring!

    1. I am in the market for a cast iron waffle iron as well! Did you buy it new or used? I ditched my teflon waffle iron a while back and my son has been asking for waffles. And I agree -- family meals are a wonderful way to spend time together as a family. Ya gotta eat, right?


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