How to Prevent Early Puberty in Girls

Early puberty. A phrase that strikes fear in the heart of this mother of two young girls. I don’t think any parent wants her daughter to deal with breasts at the age of 6, or menstruation in the 4th grade. So several weeks ago, when I happened upon an interview with pediatric endocrinologist Louise Greenspan and clinical psychologist Julie Deardorff on the topic of early puberty in girls, I listened with great interest.

Eco-novice's Top Fourteen 2014 Posts

In case you missed them the first time around, here are the 14 most popular Eco-novice posts published during 2014. I'll list them from 14 to 1 (most popular) for maximum dramatic effect.

Eco-novice's Top Fourteen 2014 Posts 

And the most popular post published in 2014 was:


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