My Favorite Cookbooks

Home-cooked meals, baked goods, and snacks save money, allow greater control over ingredients, reduce food waste, and eliminate the need for take-out packaging. Make cooking easier and more fun with the gift of a cookbook - for a loved one or for yourself! Here are some of my favorites.

How to Cook Without a Book
This is my latest cookbook find and I am really enjoying it. The premise is that today's home cook needs to be able to put a meal on the table quickly using whatever is in the fridge (and without making a special trip to the grocery store for the one or two ingredients you forgot or ran out of). The book is essentially a set of cooking techniques and formulas (for soups, stews, sauteed meat, stir-fries, egg dishes, and so on) that you can easily memorize and customize using whatever protein, starch, or produce you have on hand.  Instead of generating a shopping list to go with your meal plan, you can create meals each week using whatever looks good at the farmer's market.

The Six O'Clock Scramble: Quick, Healthy, and Delicious Dinner Recipes for Busy Families

Six O'Clock Scramble Cookbooks
The Six O'Clock Scramble cookbooks by Aviva Goldfarb are full of family-friendly, fairly simple, fast and forgiving recipes made with ingredients that are easy to find. They also include a fair share of meatless recipes. Many of Six O'Clock Scramble's recipes have entered my regular rotation. Read my full reviews of these two cookbooks (including sample recipes) here and here.

I am a little bit of a Cook's Illustrated/ America's Test Kitchen junkie. I have found their recipes to be highly reliable. If you are only going to own one of their cookbooks, the Family Cookbook is the one to get. I also really like The Best 30-Minute Recipe.

Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day
For the bread lover in your life, consider this cookbook which makes homemade bread doable for even the busiest of folks. I often have dough in my fridge which can quickly be made into a boule, baguette, pizza crust or naan. Three other great cookbooks in the same vein: Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day: 100 New Recipes Featuring Whole Grains, Fruits, Vegetables, and Gluten-Free Ingredients (when my GF sister lived with me, I regularly baked gluten-free bread for her using the recipe in this book); Peter Reinhart's Artisan Bread Every Day; and My Bread: The Revolutionary No-Work, No-Knead Method.

The Joy of Cooking
A cookbook classic.  An indispensible reference guide as well as source of hundreds of traditional and contemporary recipes.

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  1. Thank you for some great cookbook suggestions. I'm going to have to check out Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day -I love to make bread, but can never find the time!


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