Green Gifts for Adults: Reusables

Don't forget the reusable gift wrap.

This post is part of the December Green Moms Carnival hosted by Citizen Green.  Click over to Citizen Green on December 10 for more green gift ideas.

Initially, [disposable] products were a tough sell – at least to the generation that had come up through the Depression…The ethos of reuse was so deeply ingrained that in the mid-1950s when vending machines began dispensing coffee in plastic cups, people saved and reused them. They had to learn—and be taught – to throw away…We learned to throw away so well that today half of all plastics produced go into single-use applications.
-- Plastic: A Toxic Love Story

Before plastics, reusable products were the norm. For me, part of the journey to greener living is going back to this culture of reuse by replacing disposables with reusables. A reusable gift is the gift that keeps on giving while reducing consumption. Be sure to wrap your gift in reusable gift wrap!

Lunch bag
For the students or workers who pack a daily lunch. Also can be used for picnics, outings and adventures.

Food bags
Perfect for packing a lunch or storing food in the fridge, or for any non-food use you would normally grab a Ziploc baggy for (travel toiletry bag, small toy storage, etc.). Read about some of my favorites here.

Cloth napkins
Cloth napkins are so classy. I would love to receive an attractive set purchased from a thrift store, antique store, or Etsy.

Water bottle
There is a water bottle out there for any taste these days: stylish, lightweight, plastic-free. Personally, I love my Klean Kanteen bottles. Or for the coffee/tea lover, consider an insulated travel mug or cup.

Shopping bags
Who wouldn't want to own this stylish set of reusable shopping bags? And anyone could use one of these ultra-compact bags to stash in a purse or glove compartment.

To the home chef in your life, give the Misto and he'll never have to buy a can of Pam again.

Stainless steel straws
Got a friend who loves to sip her favorite beverage through a straw? Give her a set of stainless steel straws (available in a several lengths and diameters) from Etsy store The Mulled Mind.

Reusable gift wrap
Wrap your gift in a reusable gift bag or fabric and your wrapping material becomes a gift as well.

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  1. how did I not know you were born in Shaker Heights?? We've gotten word that we will get an offer but no offer details yet (HR guy went home early on Friday) so we could be Cleveland bound some time in late January, early Feb.

    Yes, more TV to come soon--how are you liking the new season of Bones??

  2. Okay, I want a Misto. That is fantastic! And I clearly need to start looking at cloth napkins on Etsy. We use cloth napkins daily but they're boring white and off white.

  3. Great list. Misto would make my list too!

  4. Yes, I have convinced many a soul to buy the Misto, and have yet to hear a complaint! I have my sister J to thank for telling ME about it several years ago. I'm surprised more folks don't know about it.


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