Warm Fuzzy PJs without the Flame Retardants

By rolling the cuffs at the ankles and wrists,
this 3T 
Snug Organics sleeper fits my 2-year-old just fine.

Do you like to dress your children in fuzzy polyester fleece pajamas during the colder months, but have serious misgivings about the synthetic flame retardant chemicals in those pajamas? (ALL synthetic fleece pajamas for children above 9 months until size 14 contain chemical flame retardants.) Perhaps you've even tried to remove the flame retardant treatment from your fleece PJs by washing with soap or vinegar? Well, then, this post is for you.

Introducing, Snug Organics, makers of warm and fuzzy sleepers made from fleecy 100% organic cotton sherpa (GOTS-certified) with NO pesticides and NO flame retardant treatment. Honestly, I'm surprised no one jumped into this market sooner, as I believe many parents yearn for an alternative to the chemically-treated polyester fleece PJs which formerly seemed to enjoy a corner on the winter-months pajama sector of children's clothing.

Handcrafted in Denver, Colorado, Snug Organics sleepers are available in sizes 3 months up to 5T. They zip all the way up the front for easy on and off (just like most polyester fleece PJs). The very small amount of dyed fabric is colored using natural, low-energy, non-metal, low-impact dyes. Sleepers should be washed in cold water on delicate and line dried to maintain a consistent fit (see more on proper care here). We have washed and line dried ours many times now and they are holding up great!

Although these pajamas are definitely pricey ($58 each) compared to their polyester counterparts, I think they are well-designed to help you get the most bang for your buck:

  • Your child can probably wear the same sleeper for multiple years. I requested the 3T size for my 2-year-old to try, and I am confident it will fit her well for at least two years. I am able to achieve a great fit now despite the larger size because 1) I can roll the cuffs at the ankles and wrists; 2) the stretchy side panel (made of heavy-weight organic cotton rib knit and a tiny amount of spandex) provides a snug yet slightly adjustable fit; 3) no feet! All you fans of footed PJs may not be thrilled about this, but as the mother of children with big feet and renter of homes with slippery wood floors, I never have liked footed PJs. The cuffs will help keep socks on.  Note that the 3 month and 6 month pajamas do have feet. (Snug Organics recommends always sizing up, if in doubt about size.  I would personally size up regardless to extend usability.) 
  • Multiple children can wear the same sleeper, regardless of gender, since the design and color choices are unisex. These PJs were not made on the cheap and I definitely expect them to last for many, many years of heavy use. I'll pass them along to a relative or friend when my kids are done with them. You could also attempt to resell them through a consignment shop or Craig's List.
  • Your child spends 50% or more of her life sleeping. If you are going to buy any organic clothing for your children, start with the sleepwear. I don't generally buy organic clothing for my children --almost all their clothes come from gifts, hand-me-downs, or thrift stores -- but I have shelled out the dough for organic pajamas a few times. (For those interested, Snug Organics also sells organic warm weather sleepwear.)
  • Your purchase is a vote for fewer pesticides, fewer toxic chemicals, sustainable materials, and fairer labor. You can feel great about using your purse to support an environmentally-responsible family-owned company creating products for children with sustainable, non-toxic, eco-friendly materials, local labor, and a low-impact manufacturing process.  

My 2-year-old loves the fuzzy feel of these PJs. When she tried them on for the first time she rubbed her hand up and down her leg feeling the fuzzy fabric and rolled all over the floor just to show how well they fit. She honestly was reluctant to take them off, even though it was pretty warm in the house at the time. My husband is thrilled that we can turn down the thermostat a bit at night (our 2-year-old is one of those kids who kicks off the down comforter and every other blanket at night).

I gave my sister the 6-month-old sized one (footed) for her baby boy and she and her husband loved them. He wore them at night for bed but often during their many outdoor hikes and adventures during the day as well.

My 2-year-old, enjoying the feel of the fuzzy sherpa cotton.

I know that pajamas are a favorite gift item during the holidays, especially for kids. Isn't it wonderful to finally have an alternative to the chemically-treated warm and fuzzy ones?

A snug yet comfy fit.

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Disclosure: Snug Organics sent us some PJs free of charge to facilitate this review.  Read my full disclosure statement here.


  1. Now if only someone would invent a sleeper with a belly button hole! My son is a belly-button twirler, and we haven't been able to do any one-pieces of any kind since he was tiny as a result. No onesies! No sleepers! MUST have belly button access.

  2. How funny! Not a problem I've encountered yet, Kelly. I've seen 2-piece fleece ones, but only of the polyester variety...

  3. I'm at a loss as to why PJs disappear after 5T. My 8 y.o. still needs PJs. It is close to impossible to find, especially not made in China & loaded with licensed characters. Yay for everyone with littles who can buy these wonderful jammies. I am super jealous!

  4. That is a very good point, Jess. I will ask the company. Perhaps they will expand to older ages as the business grows!

  5. We're looking into ideas for older kids. As Snug Organics grows we'd love to be able to offer larger sizes. I think as kids grow older they tend to keep blankets on and don't need such warm sleepwear. 100% cotton long johns seem to be the only organic option for my older son. We'll be working on it!

  6. Wow, they are lovely. Pretty pricey, though. I'm in New Zealand and on the search for organic pjs but am still looking for an option a bit closer to home :)

  7. My baby also loves fuzzy pj's I think every baby loves it.
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  8. I'm looking for this type of pajama but need the footie feature also (socks always come off in the crib). Are there any companies who sell warm footie pajamas without flame retardants? The ones from Carter's are not warm enough and fleece always seems to have flame retardants.

    1. I believe they do have footed ones in the baby sizes. Also it is my understanding that pjs under a certain age (9 months?) Are not treated ever.


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