10 Places to Use Your Toy Roll Up

Toy organizer travel roll-up ($15)

The toy organizer travel roll up ($15) by Kidsstore features seven pockets of various sizes that can hold crayons, paper, and small toys such as a deck of cards, Hot Wheels, or little play figures. The roll has a fold over flap and attached elastic closure (thick hair band) to hold everything inside once it's rolled up. It rolls up quite compactly and could easily fit in a purse or small bag. I've already used our toy roll ups at church and at a restaurant.  These are perfect for anytime you need your child to stay put and play quietly for a period of time. The fun of simply taking out and putting back the objects into their pockets should not be underestimated. Here are 10 places where I believe a toy roll up would come in particularly handy.

Toy roll all rolled up and ready to take on an adventure.

10 Places to Use Your Toy Organizer Travel Roll Up

  1. Church
  2. Restaurant
  3. Doctor's office or any other waiting room
  4. Airplane
  5. Car travel
  6. Sibling's sporting event
  7. Visit with an adult friend
  8. Dressing room (if you are unfortunate enough to need to use one while accompanied by children)
  9. Home: when you need to talk on the phone (I thought of this one after a very painful phone call this morning when my kids were in sore need of diversion)
  10. Any other ideas?  Please share in the comments!

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  1. I need one of those! I have the crayon/pad of paper one. But a toy roll up could be used EVERYWHERE! Just throw it in your purse and instant entertainment!

    love it!

  2. I should make some for my Etsy store!

  3. Thnking of our grandbaby, I just realized how useful one would be with baby food when going to a restaurant. Just add food packets, snacks or baby cookies, plastic spoons, a bib, wipes and you're ready to go. When the baby is done eating, stick everything back in the organizer, roll it up, and throw it in your bag. Since it is washable, throw the roll up in the wash when you get home and it's ready to use again.


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