Your Etsy Reusable Bag Buying Guide

If you are a real cheapskate like me, you may have waited to see if you won the Etsy Reusable Sandwich Bags Giveaway before buying anything.  Well, now that you know that you did not win, you can go ahead and make your purchase.  I have made a spreadsheet (yes, a spreadsheet!) comparing the reusable bags/ wraps offered by the 12 Etsy Stores selected for my Etsy Reusable Sandwich Bags Giveaway and Review.

The Etsy Reusable Bag Spreadsheet includes: 
  • sizes of bags/ wraps
  • prices (including shipping to the U.S.)
  • discounts for large quantities (yes/no)
  • type of closure
  • exterior fabric
  • liner material
  • plastic-free bags (yes/no)
  • type of seams
  • location of seller
  • coupon code
  • special features
  • items also for sale from this Etsy store

Version 1 of the spreadsheet has the Etsy stores down the left column; Version 2 has the Etsy stores across the top.  I knew some of you would want it that second way.  (You can switch between the two versions using the tabs at the bottom of the navigation window.)  And HERE is a PDF version that you can print out and carry with you everywhere you go until you finally make up your mind.

Sadly, I couldn't really include all the fabrics available in the spreadsheet, so I have included photos of two fabrics for each store in this post below.  These two fabrics are meant to give you a feel for the kinds of fabrics available for each shop.  I found that guy-friendly fabrics (for your teenage son or husband) were slightly harder to come by, so I purposely included lots of those.  You might also be able to discern from my selections that I have a 3-year-old son.  You can also view one more fabric from each store in my original Etsy Reusable Bag post (I purposely did not select the fabrics featured there).   If you want to see all the fabrics available from an Etsy store, you will just have to visit each Etsy store yourself (click on the store names below to visit an Etsy shop).

Click on the store name to go to the Etsy shop and purchase the bag pictured.  Happy Etsy Shopping!








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This post is dedicated to my sister Penny Dean (note: that is not her real name).  When I discussed with her what information I was thinking of including about each Etsy store in my review/giveaway post, she told me that she had once tried to make a spreadsheet of all the reusable bags on Etsy so that she could compare them and decide which ones to buy.  She got overwhelmed, and bought nothing.


  1. I absolutely love that you made a spreadsheet for this. I am always so overwhelmed when I try to by anything because of all the options. If only you could make spreadsheets for me for all my shopping needs...

  2. For a modest fee, I probably could. Glad you like the post, Megan! Hope you are feeling better.

  3. These are great looking reusable bags. The designs are very compelling. I would love to have one of these. I actually have a collection of reusable bags aside from the biodegradable plastic bags that I use when shopping. The idea of using reusable bags is perfect to make the environment clean.


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