Rainy Day Steals at the Farmer's Market

This is what $21.50 worth of organic produce 
from the farmer's market looks like on a rainy day.
I always love shopping at my local farmer's market.  But I especially love shopping at the farmer's market on a rainy day.  I try to never miss the chance.  I feel bad for the farmers, I really do.  But boy am I happy to take that fresh produce off their hands for a few bucks.  And at least all of my money is going directly to the farmer.
I got all the produce pictured above for $21.50 this past Saturday at the farmer's market. Everything is organic.  Yes, even the strawberries.  I live on the west coast, and that farmer has a canopy over his strawberries.  Strawberries in March is a wonderful wonderful thing.  The flat of organic strawberries was $10.  Rainy day special.  Organic cauliflower:  3 for $2. Organic cilantro = 50 cents. Two bunches sweet organic carrots + bag organic spinach = $5.  Four pounds organic oranges = $4.   Some of those prices are the usual prices.  Some are fire sale prices.  Any way you slice it, I love the farmer's market.

I knew I would be treated like a hero when I arrived home with those strawberries.  My kids devoured an entire pint in approximately 5 minutes.


We're still working on the cauliflower.

On a side note, this farmer's market experience only involved one single-use plastic bag: the bag the spinach was already packaged in.  Everything else I packed up in my Reuseit produce bags, which I'll be reviewing shortly.

Find your local farmer's market HERE.

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  1. The markets don't really get started until May in Colorado! Wah for me. :( I know those little strawberries were soooo much more delicious than the big commercially-grown ones in the supermarket and I'm pretty jealous!

  2. Yes, we are lucky ducks. However, my rent is probably twice as high as yours.

  3. That is a good bit of produce. Love it! I love when our area farmers do the summer CSA. Great local produce that is organic and tasty. I can't wait to be home for summer time. :)


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