Reusable Food Bags - Variety Is Best

I've been test-driving a variety of reusable food baggies for a few months now.  Which is my favorite?  I personally have found it useful to own a variety of food bags.  Different designs have different advantages.  Horizontal Velcro is more secure but more difficult for little (and big) fingers to open.  Plastic-free bags keep your food away from plastic, but synthetically-lined bags keep food fresher (especially in the fridge or freezer) and use less water/energy/time to clean.  Sometimes you want a bag, and other times a wrap that turns into a placement is best.  You might want a kid-friendly fabric as a gift for your nephew but a vintage fabric for your stylish co-worker.  All of the products I reviewed are well-designed and expertly crafted.  I would be proud to own or give any as a gift.

What features are you looking for in a reusable food bag?

Designed just like a Ziploc baggy (with horizontal closure all the way across the top)
Baby Dear
Celeste Blake Designs
The Green Fly (photo top bottom)
The High Fiber Co
House Jewels
My Beautiful Girl
Snak Saks (photo top left)
Fold over flap
Cozy Peas (photo) 

Wraps that double as placemats for sandwiches or as a replacement for plastic wrap
generationMe (photo)


Sandra Kay (photo) 

 Thick waterproof liner
Zipper closure

No closure (nothing to break or trap food)

So inexpensive you won't cry about if they get tossed or lost


 No exposed seams

Tabs to help little fingers open the Velcro
Personalized bags for your forgetful school-aged child
House Jewels (photo)

Minimalist recyclable eco-friendly packaging
Baby Dear (photo)

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