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Easy Eco-tip Tuesday: Shop at Your Local Farmers Market

Find your local farmers market here.

Today's Easy Eco-tip:

Shop locally and in season without even trying by shopping at your local farmers market.

Consider bringing a neighbor with you or just telling a friend about your incredible purchases. You won't have to deliberate about whether you should buy those organic apples grown in Chile because they simply aren't available. Also not available: sugar cereals and packaged snacks with fifty ingredients. When you are shopping at the farmers market, anything your children beg you to buy, you'll probably feel pretty good about buying.

In addition to taking all the calculation and mental effort out of shopping locally and seasonally, the farmers market makes it super easy to reduce the amount of food you buy in disposable plastic packaging. Huge bonus: no little stickers on your produce!

If you're still buying most of your produce at the grocery store, I strongly suggest you find your local market and check it out, especially now while it's summer. Right now our local markets are bursting with stone fruit and berries and tomatoes. Last week I bought my first grapes of the season. Yum!

If you are a farmers market veteran, consider spreading the word. I always like to tell acquaintances new to our area about our incredible farmers markets. Many folks don't even know that they exist. I like to tell people how much I like meeting the farmers, how much my kids enjoy the samples, how fresh and tasty everything is. Even folks who don't consider themselves "greenies" can appreciate the benefits of the farmers market.

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