Earth Day Eco-resolutions

Inspired by Green Baby Guide, I would like to make some Earth Day Eco-resolutions:
  • Make my own yogurt
  • Stop using single-use plastic produce and shopping bags (I have a review in the works on this one)
  • Stop my junk mail

It's embarrassing that I still get junk mail, it really is.  I even get the weekly grocery circular, even though I recycle it without even looking at it.  And I get an astonishing array of catalogs.  In my defense, I have moved 4 times in the last 4 years, and each time I move, a new round of junk mail finds me.  So this time, I'm going to record how I get rid of my junk mail for the benefit of my future self as well as for the benefit of my readers.  Tomorrow I'll post Step 1 of my junk mail reduction endeavors.  Who will join me?

What are your Earth Day Eco-resolutions?


  1. I need to stop my junk mail to--it just goes straight to my recycling bin. Looking forward to your post!

  2. These are all great goals! I'm really interested in making yogurt -- have you posted about this already and I missed it?

  3. Nope. Truth be told, I'm planning on buying something. I've read many, many posts about how to do it with a thermos, or by wrapping a jar in a towel and putting it on a heating pad. I just don't see myself doing any of those on a regular basis. I would like to heat up the milk, pour it in jars with starter, and push a button. Is that so wrong? I'm researching yogurt makers currently.


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