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Goodbye, Junk Mail: Step 3 (Cancel Your Weekly Shopping Flyers)

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If you've been collecting your junk mail for any length of time now, you have a few weekly shopping flyers, or grocery circulars.  Perhaps you actually use these ads and coupons, in which case you might want to keep receiving them.  I never use the coupons and don't look at the ads, so these are junk mail for me.

Even if you do peruse the ads and coupons, consider checking out the ads and printing out the coupons you want online instead (see links below).  Canceling these mailing saves resources, energy, and keeps clutter out of your house!  As a side benefit, by only looking at ads that you bother to seek out (instead of looking at all the ads that advertisers want you to look at), you may find yourself "needing" less and buying less.

To cancel the circulars, look at the front and back of the publication that everything else is shoved inside. You should find an address label with a company name as the return address.  I receive two weekly circulars: Penny Saver and Red Plum.  You might also receive a package of coupons from ValPak.

To cancel your weekly mailing from these organizations, click the relevant link below:
Cancel Red Plum (Valassis)
Cancel Penny Saver
Cancel Valpak

If you'd like to look at the ads and coupons online, use these links:
View Red Plum online
View Penny Saver online
View Valpak online

If you get a weekly circular from another company, and need help canceling the mailing, or figure out how to cancel it yourself, please leave a comment below with the relevant information.  It will take several weeks for your cancellations to take place.  But, if you are like me, you feel better already.

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