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My guest post on Eco-snobbery Sucks:

My guest post on Heirloom Wooden Toys' blog:

Two posts I wrote for GoodBlogs:
Eco-novice wades into controversy
Although I mostly keep these types of opinions to myself, I ended up entering the debate on population growth on My Plastic-Free Life (I'm quoted in the post, and expand upon my position in the comments).  If you read along with the comments in this post long enough, you'll find that my position was eventually vindicated by my new best friend, Sarah Johnson (a conservation biologist with a PhD who agrees with me), whose got the skills to pay the bills, and some great sources to back up my position.
I’m An Environmentalist and I’m Not Having Kids


Stuff I'd like to try:
Fancy Beans
5 Star Crock Pot Vegetable Beef Stew
(I've got some grass-fed stew beef from my CSA in my freezer!)
A Super Sewing Project

And finally:

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  1. I love the post you wrote about wooden toys! Such great points that I never thought of. Thanks for linking up!


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