Sweets and Treats I Let My Kids Eat

Halloween is just a few days away and I've been making my preparations for the Switch Witch's visit. My children leave all their candy for the Switch Witch on Halloween night, and in return she leaves them a gift and a small quantity of better (less bad) candy. I've resigned myself to the fact that my children will get lots of extra sugar on many occasions and holidays throughout the year, but I'd like to avoid feeding them the food additives and other weird ingredients that often accompany the sugar. Ingredients such as:

I also like to avoid chocolate produced by child slave labor (pretty much all chocolate in mainstream candy, sadly). Yes, I do realize, I'm sucking all the joy out of eating candy.

Here are a few of the treats I let my kids eat:

I actually have some of these treats on hand at all times, because I've learned that people love to throw candy and treats at children at all times of the year, and I always need to be ready to make an exchange.

But I wonder how long I'll be able to keep this up. 

If you have older kids or teenagers, how do handle Halloween and other occasions filled with candy (Easter, Valentines, etc.)?

And on a related note, there is the dilemma of what to do with the conventional candy I collect from my kids. If you have a solution for that, click over and comment on this week's Green Phone Booth post.

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  1. I have similar rules as you during most of the year and really limit what "treats" we have at home. Halloween, though, anything goes. My kids are 9 and 11 and the night of Halloween, I usually let them eat anything they want. I used to then have them pick out 10 or 20 candies to save and the rest would go to dad's work. Last year, I don't remember what we did but I do know that my 9 year old is still eating last year's Halloween candy! Let's just say he did not inherit his willpower from mom!

  2. Fortunately, my son (in 8th grade) just decided its no longer cool to go trick or treating. And I'm buying zero candy. If he changes his mind or has friends over on Halloween, I will buy some of this good stuff!

  3. I'm with you on the quest for cleaner candy! I'm waiting for Unreal to relaunch naturally colored chocolate candies in my area -- so much better than that old abc brand.

  4. I would love to be able to do this, but my kids (and my husband) object so vehemently that this is the one time of year I do relax the rules. The good news is that they eat it so slowly, we're able to get rid of a bunch throughout the year for various things. Last year my son's class donated a lot of their candy to the troops too and he really wanted to do that. Every little bit we can keep them away from it the better!

  5. We used almost those exact same things to hand out to trick-or-treaters last year! Worked very well. We do let our kids eat some of their Halloween candy, following the 80/20 rule of eating cleaning 80% of the time. Then, about 1-2 days after Halloween, they can choose to give their candy to use in exchange for a toy worth around $10. So far they have chosen the toy!


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