This Halloween Get Yourself Some Unjunked Candy

Unreal Candy: candy without the junk

Ah, Halloween. Possibly my least favorite holiday.

I've been dealing with candy overload for over a week and we haven't even gone trick-or-treating yet! All year I studiously avoid feeding my children foods with high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, excessive amounts of sugar, or food additives (non-food ingredients added to packaged and processed foods including artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives). And now they are eating all these things by the fistful. I can't seem to stop people from giving my children candy, handfuls of candy, everywhere we go. I take some candy and toss it every chance I get, but I have to be very sneaky and subtle now that I have a 5yo who is not so easily fooled. Every night my little candy monsters cry and scream and plead and whine for just one more candy. 

But this Halloween there are a few bright spots. First, I learned from a friend about the Switch Witch. The Switch Witch visits little girls and boys after Halloween, and if you leave out a lot of candy for the Switch Witch, she will take it and leave you a toy. I tell my kids the more candy they give her, the better the toy. Unfortunately, when my son is in the throes of sugar madness, he thinks he'd rather keep the candy. But I'm hoping to prevail in the end.

The second bright spot this Halloween is Unreal Candy. Here is a company that is making candy without:

  • high fructose corn syrup 
  • no artificial preservatives
  • no artificial colors
  • no artificial flavors
  • no hydrogenated oils
  • milk with artificial growth hormones and antibiotics

Colorful candies without artificial colors!

In addition, they use less sugar, more cacao (amen!), and more protein and fiber in their candy products than other leading brands.

In the past, I've been able to find this type of candy (i.e., candy without ingredients I object to) in two places: Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. Also online. But I've never been willing to shell out the dough to buy that kind of candy for trick-or-treaters. But this year, there's another more affordable choice for candy without all the unnecessary junk: Unreal Candy.

Unreal Candy costs about the same price as regular candy. That's because Unreal Candy isn't aiming to corner the candy market in health food stores. Instead, they are going toe-to-toe on price and taste with leading brands of candy in stores like Fred Meyer, Ralphs, CVS, Food4Less, and Target. Unjunked candy for the masses!

I was sent a box of Unreal Candy to try a few months ago, and I can attest to the fact that the candy tastes every bit as good -- often better -- than their junky candy cousins (regular and peanut M&Ms®, Milky Way®, Snickers®, and peanut butter cups). In fact, after trying Unreal 8 (a chocolate peanut caramel nougat bar similar to a Snickers®), my husband declared we should order an entire case. I reminded him that the point wasn't to encourage people to consume more candy, just better candy. I hope when folks see Unreal Candy for the same price side-by-side with the leading brand on the candy aisle that they will take a look at the differences and give the unjunked version a try.

This Halloween Eco-novice is proud to be handing out Unreal Candy to trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood. I'll also be keeping a bit of my Unreal stash for my own family - to offer my children in exchange for the junky candy they've collected. And hopefully the Switch Witch will get the rest.

Happy Halloween!

Eco-novice wants to know:
Have you seen Unreal Candy in your local store?
What do you give trick-or-treaters on Halloween?

Disclosure: I was sent a box of Unreal Candy to try myself and also a box of candies to hand out to trick-or-treaters. All opinions are my own. Read my full disclosure policy here.

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