(Almost) Everything I've Ever Bought or Sold on Craig's List

The other day when I mentioned that I'd recently sold something on Craig's List, a friend asked me, "How does that work? I've never used Craig's List." I was shocked. SHOCKED. This frugal soul had neither purchased nor sold a single thing on Craig's List. Just in the past month I have purchased a TV stand, infant bucket swing, and kid's bicycle, and sold 2 portable air conditioners on Craig's List.

My conversation with my friend inspired me to try to catalog all the items I've ever bought or sold on Craig's List. It's not truly possible, because it's just been too many things over too many years (dating back to my single days in Los Angeles over 15 years ago), but I did look through my emails and walk around my house to try to remember what I've bought and sold on Craig's List. Here is what I came up with.

(Almost) Everything I've Purchased on Craig's List

  • Pretty much every Plan City toy that we own (many purchased as part of a "lot"), including: garage, airport, gas station with car wash, mechanic, fire station, set of roads, numerous cars and other vehicles.
  • Plan Toys dollhouse, dolls and furniture
  • Numerous high-quality wooden and cardboard puzzles
  • IKEA Trofast toy organizer (two different ones, two different times)
  • Kid's bicycle
  • Nearly new deluxe baby swing with plug (such a find!)
  • Baby Bjorn (P.S. I hate the Baby Bjorn)
  • Moby wrap baby carrier 
  • Ergo baby carrier (see my review here)
  • Double umbrella stroller
  • Double jogging stroller
  • Little Tikes plastic play structure
  • Little Tikes plastic picnic table
  • Infant bucket swing
  • Lakeshore two-sided art easel
  • Solid wood changing table and child's dresser
  • 2 different wooden rocking chairs
  • High chair
  • Two different infant seats
  • Futon sofa
  • Oval kitchen table and chairs
  • Several desks and miscellaneous tables
  • 5 different solid wood bookshelves
  • Two different TV stands
  • Portable air conditioner
  • Bread maker
  • Microwave
  • Lawn mower
  • Moving boxes

(Almost) Everything I've Sold on Craig's List

  • Baby swing with plug (purchased on Craig's List - baby never lasted more than 10 minutes in it)
  • Baby Bjorn (purchased on Craig's List)
  • Dutalier reclining glider and ottoman (purchased on Craig's List 5 years earlier)
  • Wood nursing footstool
  • Double umbrella stroller (purchased on Craig's List but decided I didn't like it)
  • Pocket sling baby carriers (never could figure these out)
  • Infant car seat with 2 bases
  • Many gifts (toys, fleece PJs) given to my children as gifts that I didn't want but couldn't return
  • Lots of kids toys, many purchased second-hand on Craig's List or at thrift stores
  • Interlocking foam floor mats
  • Cloth diapers
  • Twin size bed frame and mattress
  • Queen size bed frame and mattress/ box spring set
  • Several particle board bookshelves
  • Entertainment center (which we had purchased used from a friend)
  • Round kitchen table and 4 chairs
  • Dining room table and 6 chairs
  • Several desks and tables (most purchased on Craig's List)
  • Portable air conditioner (purchased on Craig's List - wasn't powerful enough for our large bedroom)
  • 2 portable air conditioners (purchased new after used one didn't work out, and then sold a year later when we moved into a place with central air)
  • Lots and lots of teaching materials (children's books, teaching manuals, workbooks, posters, manipulatives, etc.)
  • Computer monitor
  • Crock pot and other under-used kitchen appliances and gear
  • Bedding
  • Lawn mower (purchased on Craig's List)
  • Numerous gifts (including wedding gifts!) that were many years old but in original boxes and never used and also didn't think I could get away with re-gifting, including: wine glasses, hand mixer, electric nonstick skillet, and drinking glasses
  • And last but not least, our car

As you can see, lots of baby and kid stuff, furniture, as well as miscellaneous household items like small appliances. I often sell a large batch of items on Craig's List in preparation for a move, and then donate whatever I can't sell. I almost always have a couple of items on my Craig's List Wish List, but I don't always have the inclination to check the listings or follow up on them. I often buy in spurts too.

Craig's List is particularly awesome for baby gear, because so many items you don't end up using or using only for a short period. For example, I bought a very nice nearly new baby swing on Craig's List. A few months later, when I had resigned myself to the fact that my baby was never going to last more than 10 minutes in it (not nap for hours there as I had envisioned), I turned around and sold it on Craig's List for $5 less than I'd purchased it. We have also bought, tried briefly, and then resold on Craig's List a double umbrella stroller, Baby Bjorn, portable air conditioner, and lawn mower. Usually with little or no loss of money (just a little time). Buyer's remorse is a lot less painful when you purchase used. When it comes to baby gear, in particular, please don't waste your money on new. 

Soon I'll post some tips for buying and selling safely and successfully on Craig's List for all you Craig's List newbies.

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What have you bought and sold on Craig's List?
What are your tips for using Craig's List successfully?

Disclosure: This post contains a few Amazon affiliate links. Before buying new, check your local Craig's List listings! See my full disclosure policy here.


  1. Hi Betsy,
    I have never bought or sold anything on Craig's List--although I love the general (and green) concept of it (especially for baby gear--as you point out, those items often have a lot of life still left in them). I have found other ways to unload stuff--we just had our first yard sale in NJ, but we had other yard sales in PA. I just prefer to unload everything at once. Here's the post about the yard sale and what we learned from it, in case you're interested: http://www.joyfullygreen.com/2013/05/lessons-from-a-yard-sale.html. As for buying and selling kids' stuff, there are two excellent, local consignment shops I work with. (I need to write a post about that soon...thanks for reminding me!)

    1. Yes, all excellent options for buying and selling second-hand. I definitely frequent thrift stores regularly. No fabulous consignment stores near me. Of course I also get lots of hand-me-downs free and give away plenty to friends. I've done a few garage sales -- they are a lot of work, but as you say, you do all the work at once. Selling/ buying via Craig's List definitely takes some time too.

  2. I'm looking forward to your post of tips for selling on Craig's List. I've bought quite a few things but have never tried selling. I plan on cleaning out my garage this summer (getting rid of baby stuff) and I hope to sell things this way.

    1. Christy, sometimes when I want to purchase something but feel a little guilty about it or don't quite have the funds for it I wander through my house and garage looking for something I can sell on Craig's List. Definitely a great way to clean out a garage. A good chunk of the above list is from last summer - just before our last move.


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