Introducing The Green Sisterhood

Green Sisterhood

Those of you who scrutinize the sidebars of my blog layout (i.e., my parents) may have noticed a certain new blog button currently in my left sidebar that reads "Green Sisterhood ~ Network Member."

Or perhaps you've clicked on one of those thumbnails under the title "Related Posts from the Green Sisterhood" at the end of each of my blog posts.

What is the Green Sisterhood?

The Green Sisterhood is an online community of passionate bloggers whose mission is to share their knowledge about sustainable and conscious living with others. Our group of 20+ bloggers includes authors, speakers, and social media experts who have been featured on radio, television, and in print. Among our ranks are cloth diapering moms, expert gardeners, plastic-free gurus, upcycling divas, green building consultants, vegans and vegetarians.

While we represent a variety of stages in life, areas of expertise, and shades of green, we share a common purpose:
  • To make safe, healthy and sustainable living easier.
  • To help you be selective in choosing products that will keep your family healthy.
  • To work together to be positive and support each other to make a global impact.

Brand Green, Make Green

In addition to offering the opportunity for green bloggers to learn from and support one another, the Green Sisterhood also provides a sort of match-making service to green blogs and green companies. I personally don't want to spend my time vetting every company that emails me about advertising on my blog. But I do want to support green businesses and inform my readers about greener products and services that are available to them.

Enter the Green Sisterhood. Green bloggers are given the opportunity to partner with trusted green businesses who are committed to caring for the planet. Green businesses are able to reach a combined readership with pageviews in the millions. By combining our blogging superpowers, and by partnering with and promoting like-minded companies, the Green Sisterhood aims to create meaningful change in the marketplace and beyond.

Be a Part of the Green Sisterhood Community

We want you to be a part of the Green Sisterhood Community! We hope you'll turn to us for reliable information and useful tips. Bring us your questions and concerns. Share with us your successes and failures. Here is where you'll find us:

  • Green Sisterhood Blog:  Read posts written by the bloggers of The Green Sisterhood. Share your questions, concerns, and experiences in the comments. Sign up for free email updates so you don't miss any posts or special events. Link up your own eco-friendly tips and tutorials to the Weekend Reading Link Up each Thursday.
  • Facebook and Google+   Jump in the discussions.
  • Twitter: Follow @greensisterhood and join in our twitter parties.
  • Pinterest: Follow and post to our many boards about green living. These boards are open to all who are interested in contributing. If you are interesting in pinning to the boards, just leave your Pinterest username in a comment below and we'll add you.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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