Wooden Toy Helicopter by treewoodworks

My daughter loves helicopters. Airplanes too, but helicopters even more. How do you think she felt when this toy arrived in the mail?

Putting in and taking out the people is definitely one of the most fun ways to play with this helicopter.
I found this helicopter in the Etsy shop treewoodworks. In addition to being just lovely, this helicopter is a very fun toy. The people can be taken out and put back in, and they bounce up and down when the helicopter rolls along the ground. The wheels roll very smoothly and you can spin the blades around on the top. My 3yo daughter has really been enjoying playing with it while making very realistic helicopter noises.

Mommy and baby helicopter (according to my 3yo).

Even better, the helicopter is personalized: it has my daughter's name laser engraved on the top. But I'm going to show you this other kid's helicopter because I'm a privacy nut.

The helicopter is made of maple, sanded smooth, and finished with beeswax. The fact that this 7-inch long helicopter is made of maple makes this toy incredibly sturdy but also a bit heavy. My 3yo can pick it up with one hand, but just barely.


Treewoodworks' shop is full of beautifully made wooden toys, including teethers, rattles, stacking toys, all kinds of vehicles with peg people and more.

  Many of the personalized toys would make a wonderfully unique baby gift.

The helicopter turned out to be the perfect gift for my preschooler.

Disclosure: treewoodworks sent me one toy helicopter to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. Read my full disclosure policy here.

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  1. I love these kind of toys. Remembering me of the toys to be found when I was a child. Thanks for sharing. Anna Karin


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