10 Ways I'm Reducing Single-Use Plastic

Here are some ways I'm reducing the amount of plastic in my trash (or down-cycling bin).


I cloth diaper and early potty train my kids. Their cloth diaper covers are partly plastic, but they are reused hundreds and hundreds of times. Disposable diapers are full of plastic petroleum products and are used one time before ending up in a landfill.

I don't buy little plastic toys for party favors. In my experience, these toys last 2 days before breaking and ending up in the trash.


I haven't bought Ziploc bags in a couple of years. I use reusable food bags and containers instead. When we need utensils on-the-go, I bring real silverware.

I make my own yogurt. We still use some purchased yogurt, but I estimate we are using 1 or 2 less plastic tubs per week. The milk I use to make yogurt comes in reusable glass jars. We are able to recycle our plastic yogurt tubs with Terracycle through my organic food delivery service.

I buy raw ingredients in bulk in paper bags (wheat berries, oats, dried beans, etc.) and make many things from scratch. I use reusable containers to store our homemade bread and snacks.

I bring reusable grocery bags and produce bags to the farmers market and other stores. Shopping at the farmers market also allows me to avoid those annoying tiny plastic produce stickers. Yep, they're plastic.

Away from home, I drink filtered tap water from my stainless steel water bottle so that I never need to buy bottled water. I avoid any beverage packaged in plastic.


I use an electric razor. No disposable razors or shaving cream necessary!

My husband and I use a shampoo bar. I am trying to find a good hair conditioner bar (suggestions?).

I wear lipstick less than one time per week. Other than that, I don't wear make up. I don't use any special skin products. Just soap, and occasionally lotion.

How have you reduced your plastic waste?

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  1. Great tips. I also cloth diaper and use cloth bags at the grocery store. I like some of your other ideas - I'll have to check out reusable food bags (though I do usually reuse my Ziploc bags for veggies or baking).


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