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Lazy and Cheap Ways to Be Green, Part 3 (Wear Less Make Up)

This edition of "Lazy and Cheap Ways to Be Green" is devoted to the idea use less or no beauty products. 

I have chosen not to buy into the beauty industry partly on principle but mostly out of laziness.  Because I do not wear make up, I do not have to
  • put it on
  • take it off
  • reapply/touch up throughout the day
  • figure out which ones contain the least toxic ingredients
  • figure out what works with my skin tone, color wheel, outfit, season
  • keep up with the latest make up trends 
  • keep track of the various expiration dates for different items
  • spend money on it

I also do not have a daily skin regiment.  I wash my face with soap when I shower (which is not every day).  And sometimes remember to put on lotion.  But deodorant is a higher priority, and sometimes I don't manage to put on even that before rushing out of my room to address the most recent crisis.

I wore make up on a regular basis for the first time in my twenties (before marriage and children), when I was suffering from some pretty bad skin.  I liked having my blemishes covered up, but I could barely get my contacts out and my teeth brushed before collapsing into bed after a day at work, much less get the make up off.  So even back in my make up hey day, I only put make up on when I went out.  It was just too much work to put on and take off. 
Now if I want to look dressed up (i.e., like I'm wearing make up), I wear Origins lip pencil.  I find if you wear lipstick, people assume you are wearing make up, and you look more "done up" (I learned this trick from my sister, who also was the one who taught me that it's not really essential that you wash your face every morning and every night).  Even lip pencil I wear very rarely, because I love to kiss my kids all the time, and I don't want them to have lipstick all over their heads.

If you love your make up, just try wearing it less often, or using one less product.  See if anyone even notices.

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What beauty product can you do without?

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