From Disposable to Reusable (Plastic Baggies)

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Recently I ran out of quart-sized and sandwich bag ziploc bags simultaneously.  As I pulled the last one or two baggies out of the box, I resolved to stop buying disposable baggies and find reusable alternatives I could use instead. The fact that I was still using these baggies up until a couple of weeks ago is why I still call myself the "Eco-novice."

First I made a list of all the things I use plastic baggies for (I'm sure I've left some things off this list):

Cheese block
Cheese I grated myself
Deli meat

Ground flaxseed
Wheat germ
Whole wheat flour
Homemade granola
Baked goods (cookies, homemade energy bars, etc.)
Partially used convenience foods (mini-pizzas, etc.)

Sliced apples
Sunscreen (protection against leaks)

To organize all kinds of non-food materials around the house
Around bottles of liquid toiletries when traveling
Keeping my baby's shoes separate from the rest of the diaper bag
Now I need to come up with alternatives for all these things.  I think for almost everything on the list, one of the following will work: jar or container (made of glass, steel or plastic), reusable baggies made of synthetic or natural materials.  Some things (bag of flour and blocks of cheese) definitely pose a challenge.  The reusable rigid containers may also pose a challenge with respect to space in the fridge and freezer.

In the months ahead, I'll be mentioning the things I already own and reviewing the products (sometimes with a GIVEAWAY!) that I buy to help me kick my plastic baggie habit.  Stay tuned!


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