The Pursuit of a More Natural Life: Murphy Oil Soap

If you glance at the title of my very first post, you may think it was cloth diapers that got me all started in my adventures in greening. Not so – cloth diapers came about a year into my efforts to use more natural products. I first started examining the personal health and environmental aspects of my choices when my first child was born. At the time I used a Swiffer mop with wet disposable sheets to clean the wood floors of our rented home, but I frequently put him on floor to roll around. One day he SUCKED on the floor, and that’s when I thought, hey, what the heck is in that Swiffer wet sheet cleaner thing?

When I brought this up with my older sister with 2 kids, she nodded knowingly. She recommended Murphy Oil Soap for cleaning floors and other stuff. She told me you bought it in concentrated form, that it lasted forever because you could just dilute and dilute when you ran low, and that it was practically safe enough to drink. I did a little research on the web, and found that The Green Guide recommended Murphy Oil Soap [Note: the buying guide for household cleaning products that I used is no longer available on their website -- they have completely changed their format]. Also, it is very reasonably priced, U.S. EPA "Design for the Environment" Certified,  and uses less packaging because it comes in concentrated form. I know it's not the greenest thing out there, but it was a big improvement from the Swiffer wet sheets I was using. I’ve been using Murphy Oil Soap on my floors ever since.

And that was how I entered the black hole of The Pursuit of a More Natural Life.

What triggered your quest for greener living?


  1. I have used Murphy's Oil forever and I love it!

  2. what triggered it for me was reading the safe shopper's bible and someone sent me a video from healthy child, healthy world. i enjoy your blog and learning lots


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