Hate Stirring Natural Nut Butters? Read This.

Does this happen to you?

As I get to the bottom of a jar of peanut butter, or almond butter, or tahini, I feel a vague sense of dread. It's the knowledge that soon, very soon, I will have to open a new jar of nut butter, and that entails trying my very best to integrate that layer of oil sitting on the top into the entire jar. Whether you use a fork, knife, or some other utensil, this process inevitably involves making a greasy mess on your hands, the outside of the jar, and on the surface beneath the jar.

At least that used to happen to me, until I discovered one of the finest inventions ever: the Witmer Mess-free Peanut Butter Mixer.

This ingenious device is nothing more than a simple hand crank attached to a lid that screws onto the jar. A few extra parts ensure clean up is a breeze (the plastic lid liner keeps nut butter off the lid, and the rubber gasket removes all nut butter from the crank as you remove it from the jar). Super easy to use and less than a minute to wash by hand after use, I have found the Witmer Mixer has eliminated the dread I used to feel as I reached the bottom of a nut butter jar. Best of all, your kids can help turn the crank. Now stirring peanut butter is fun! After stirring the nut butter, I store it in the fridge to prolong shelf life and keep the oil from separating again.

The one trick is getting the right size.

Model 100 is made for 16-ounce jars with a 3" diameter lid, such as

Model 300 fits 16-ounce jars with a 3¾" diameter mouth, such as 16-ounce jars by

Model 400 is designed for 26-ounce jars with a 3 1/4" lid, such as

Please double-check with your own measurements before ordering! I personally use Model 300 for my Once Again organic tahini (comes in a glass jar), and the Model 400 for my 28 oz. Kirkland organic peanut butter (plastic jar). However, I find the crank for the 400 model is a little deep for my Kirkland jar, and that the Model 300 crank fits better, so I'm glad I have both.

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Disclosure: Although this post may sound like an infomercial, I actually have no affiliation with the R.N. Witmer Company. This post does, however, contain Amazon affiliate links. Your purchase via these links helps support my blog. Thank you for your support. You can also purchase the Witmer mixers directly from the manufacturer here. Read my full disclosure policy here.


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