Green Phone Booth: Book Review of Plastic: A Toxic Love Story

I'm back posting over at The Green Phone Booth.  Click HERE to read my book review of and a few favorite excerpts from Plastic: A Toxic Love Story.


  1. Betsy, I'm in the market for a baby crib mattress (or two) and I'm wondering what you would buy/have bought and where I can get it. I reread your post on natural beds and the one link I found didn't work. Have you found a good affordable option that you can share? Thanks,


  2. Well, Sarah, someday I hope to post about this. Until then, check out this report:

    And here is a greenguard certified one for $159 worth checking out:

    We use a family bed, so I've never bought a crib mattress, but if I were to buy one, it would be cotton/wool with no flame retardant treatment.


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