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Non-toxic Tooth Care

I’ve known for a while to avoid amalgam (metal) fillings because of possible mercury exposure, but recently while flipping through Smart Mama’s Green Guide I found out that the white fillings may be a source of BPA.  Great.  Bottom line: for these reasons and more, I would like to avoid cavities and fillings.  Here is what tooth care looks like at my house.

Toothpaste.  We use Tom’s of Maine at my house.  My husband switched years ago when I first bought it.  I only made the switch a few months ago, because change is hard for me in the teeth department.  To my surprise, I like Tom’s much better than the Colgate I was using (which, as you might imagine, has many not-so-natural ingredients).  It’s not so sacchariny sweet, which I find I prefer.   Some folks just use baking soda, but I don’t think that will be my M.O. anytime soon.

Mouthwash.  I’m too lazy to use mouthwash, but until I found a viable alternative, my husband was using fluorescent green no name brand mouthwash with alcohol, parabens, and who knows what else.  Now he uses Jason’s Peppermint Power Smile.  It’s concentrated, so it lasts a long time.

Floss.  After all the pain and suffering I went through to eliminate nonstick cookware and bakeware from my life, imagine my shock when my husband mentioned in passing that my beloved Glide floss that slid oh-so-easily between my teeth was coated with Teflon.  It seemed pretty ridiculous to be rubbing Teflon around in my mouth every day when I had put so much effort (and some money too) into not preparing my food with it.  So we switched to Tom’s of Maine floss (coated with natural wax).  The first few times I used it, the difference was very noticeable.  I had to work quite a bit harder to get it between my teeth and my gums may have even bled a little.  But after a brief adjustment period of a few days, all was well.  I am completely satisfied with the switch. 

Toothbrush.  No, I am not using a wooden toothbrush or recycled plastic toothbrush.  I use a Sonicare.

How do you keep your teeth clean and green?

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