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The Green Phone Booth

Today is my debut post as a regular contributor over at The Green Phone Booth.  I have guest posted there a few times in the past. My post, "Dreams and Realities," is a little introduction of sorts.

The Green Phone Booth is a collective of green women bloggers.  Each writer posts once every week or two.  I will be posting every Wednesday over there.  I am really excited (and a little sheepish) about being in the company of these awesome green bloggers.  The truth is, I read very few blogs, but I have long read and admired The Green Phone Booth.  When I first started blogging and stumbled across The Green Phone Booth I remember wondering, how does one get to be part of such an awesome collective like this?  I feel like a real lucky duck.

I hope you'll enjoy my posts over there, and check out some of the other bloggers' posts as well.  It's a great community.  Join the conversation and leave a comment!


  1. Thanks for introducing me to a new site! Regarding those things you still buy in plastic bottles, like conditioner and liquid soap, do you have a co-op nearby where you could just refill your bottles from a bulk container? That's what I've started doing--I can refill my containers of conditioner, soap, dishwashing liquid, olive oil, soy sauce, and honey (I bring glass containers for those last 3).

  2. That is really awesome, Larisa. I do not know of a co-op like that near me, but I should definitely look into it.

  3. Congratulations, Betsy! That is awesome!


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