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Homemade Popsicles, the Cheap Way

Leftover smoothie + hot weather + ice cube tray =

We only recently acquired this lovely silicone ice cube mold so we can occasionally have some ice, and these past couple of weeks I have been enjoying using it to make mini popsicles.  I have been thinking of buying popsicle molds for about 2+ years now.  Can't 100% decide if I'll use them enough to justify the purchase or what material I want it to be made of (BPA-free plastic? stainless steel? silicone?).  There is also the issue of size.  My kids are little, and most popsicle molds seem too big for them and liable to result in waste.  It's amazing how I can deliberate endlessly about such a small purchase, isn't it?

So.... for now, it's popsicles in the shape of an ice cube with a small something stuck in the middle.  In my case, the small something is play utensils from IKEA (stainless steel and food-safe according to IKEA).  My smoothie is nothing fancy either: TJ/Straus whole plain organic yogurt + frozen bananas + frozen/fresh berries.

This is definitely not the tidiest way to have a popsicle.  But it might be the cheapest way. And they do inevitably fall off the "handle" and fall apart before they are finished.  I actually make some cubes with no handle because my 4-year-old sometimes prefers eating them that way with a regular spoon from a bowl.  Crushed up, they are a lot like sorbet.

What is your favorite popsicle recipe or mold?

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