Winner and Weekend Links

The winner of the Nothing But Soap natural laundry soap giveaway is: Heaventaste!

Thank you to all who participated.  If you are like my sister, now that you know you didn't win, you can go ahead and make your purchase from Nothing But Soap.  Amber has great prices!

And if you haven't done so already, remember to enter the giveaway for a set of stainless steel straws made by Etsy shop The Mulled Mind.  There will be 2 more Etsy giveaways in June as well.  Stay tuned!

A few reads for the weekend:

Great ideas for 5 easy steps to get started with going green (check out all the links at the end of the post):

Homemade reusable bags even I could probably make

Two more reasons to shop at the farmer's market: no stickersreturnable packaging

Autism and Toxic Chemical Exposure: What is the Relationship?

Lots of bad news about pesticides

And finally, a blast from the past.  My blog is over one-year-old.  My blog anniversary came and went without me even noticing, because it sure doesn't seem like it could have been a year already.  In case you
missed some of my amazing posts during that first year, here are two posts from May and June of 2010:
Fragrance = Secret Yucky Ingredients
Appliance Boxes - Free Summer Entertainment


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