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Best Bib Ever: Giveaway and Review

Best Bib Ever from kidsstore ($19.95 + $3.00 shipping)

My nearly 2-year-old loves to feed herself but has not always been fond of wearing a bib.  About 9 months ago, she started tearing off her bib 0.5 seconds after I got the Velcro done up at her neck every single time I put it on.  I did try once seeing if I could wear her down by putting on the bib over and over again each time she tore it off, but, in the end, she won that battle of the wills.  I tried various solutions.  The most effective was putting a too-big shirt I didn't care about over her clothes.  But she hated this and it was annoying to put on and take off.  So mostly, for the last many months, she has worn no bib. In addition to staining her every shirt, this has also meant that rice, couscous, and quinoa ended up in every nook and cranny of her body as well as her booster seat.

Then I found the Best Bib Ever.  The name is not a ridiculous exaggeration.  In my book, it is everything a bib should be: virtually waterproof without plastic, long sleeve, tie at the neck, pocket to catch crumbs.  Best of all, thanks to the busy print of cats and mice, my toddler is happy to wear it.  It is my new favorite bib. I plan to buy at least one more.

Close up of neck closure.

10 Things to Love about the Best Bib Ever
  1. No plastic.  Love, love, love this. Made of cotton and terry cloth.
  2. Machine washable.  But you don't need to wash it every single time you use it, for heaven's sake. I've been using mine for over a month and personally haven't felt the need to wash it yet.
  3. Terry cloth lining in front to absorb spills and keep your little one's clothes dry. (It totally works!  My 2-year-old dumped a cup of water down her front while wearing this bib, and her shirt remained completely dry.)
  4. Pocket to catch crumbs.
  5. Long sleeves with elastic at the wrist keeps shirts stain-free and little hands unencumbered.  This feature does make it so this bib takes a little longer to put on than your standard sleeveless bib, but I think it's well worth it, especially for tomato sauce, berries, and other messy foods.
  6. Tie-neck adjustable closure (no ripping off of the bib as my toddler always did with her Velcro-closure bib).  The neck closure is also adjustable because it cinches (see photo above).
  7. Comes in several sizes and kid-friendly prints.  I got a 3T bib for my nearly 2-year-old so that it will last a while (note that this results in it taking a bit longer to get the sleeves on since they are a bit too long - no regrets!) You can also request a custom order. Honestly, I would not have chosen the print of the bib I was sent for review (although I do like many of her prints, including this one, this one, and this one).  But my toddler loves it, and actually asks to wear her "cats" ALL the time, even when wearing a bib is completely unnecessary, which is just a tad bit annoying, although preferable to her never wearing a bib which was the previous scenario.  Moral of the story: buy a print your kid likes.  
  8. Fabulous gift for a new baby or grandchild.  In addition to making a great bib, this bib doubles as an art smock.
  9. High-quality handiwork: edged in bias tape and all finished seams.
  10. Hand made by Etsy shop kidsstore in the USA.  I love Etsy!

Back of the bib.  White fabric is terry cloth lining.


For your chance to win the Best Bib Ever, visit Etsy shop kidsstore, and leave a comment telling me your TWO favorite prints, and TWO preferred sizes.  If you win, you will receive one of these sizes in one of your preferred prints, so choose wisely!

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You can enter the contest FOUR times total. Leave a different comment for each entry. Contest open to residents of the US. International readers may enter if you are willing to pay your own shipping ($4 - $7). Giveaway ends Thursday, July 7, 2011.  Winner will be contacted Friday, July 8 and will have 48 hours to respond before I pick a new winner.

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Disclosure: I received one free bib from kidsstore to facilitate this review. I received no other compensation and all opinions are my own. See my full disclosure policy here.

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