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Green Cleaning - Bathroom

 Seventh Generation Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Emerald Cypress & Fir Scent, 32-Ounces Bottle (Pack of 8)Faultless Starch 04403 Bon Ami CleanserMethod All Purpose, Go Naked, Spray, 28-Ounce (Pack of 8)

Possibly the hardest part of switching to greener cleaners is deciding which ones to buy.  Once you have a tried-and-true cleaning favorite, it's hard to bother to switch to something new.  Luckily, I've done all that annoying research plus trial-and-error stuff for you.  In the next couple of weeks I'll be introducing you to all of my favorite green cleaners.  There are definitely others out there that work.  These are just the ones that I've tried that have worked for me.

My Bathroom Cleaners

Bathrooom counters, sink and bathtub

Toilet surfaces, mirror, shower, bathroom floor
 Toilet bowl

I so very rarely clean my bathtub or shower that I hardly feel qualified to recommend anything for those.  I do spray down the walls (with water) sometimes while showering.  And now you know what a slothful housekeeper I am, if you didn't already know.

If there is a bad stomach bug in house, I will use the Seventh Generation disinfecting sprayor wipes everywhere.  Seventh Generation and Method both have disinfecting products which use CleanWell technology, which is completely natural, rather than toxic triclosan or bleach, to kill germs.

I am trying to break the wipe habit (and just use the spray cleaner plus washable microfiber cloth), but I still like to have some on hand for emergencies (such as when a guest wants to use the bathroom and I realize I haven't cleaned it in over a week).  I have used Method, Seventh Generation and other wipes.  They all get the job done, but they are not the cheapest nor the eco-friendliest option.

Information about My Cleaners
  • Seventh Generation is a green company that discloses all ingredients on product labels and on its website.  You can buy their cleaners at Target, Whole Foods or Amazon.  I appreciate that Seventh Generation has great coupons.
  • Method is also a green company that is rated highly by GoodGuide and others - but they do often have "fragrance" as an ingredient, and I try to avoid products that list fragrance as an ingredient.  Method's Go Naked line has no fragrance or artificial colors, so that's what I most often buy.  Method does list on their website many ingredients that their products do not contain.  You can buy their cleaners at Target, Whole Foods or Amazon
  • I buy Bon Ami at Whole Foods or Amazon.  Click HERE for info on Bon Ami's heath effects/ ingredients.

Want to know what's in your favorite cleaner?  Click HERE and enter your cleaner in the "Quick Search" or click on a Category. 

The complete Green Cleaning Series:

What are your favorite green cleaners for the bathroom?