Non-toxic Baby Care: the Best Free, Online Resources

When I first became concerned about environmental toxins after my first child was born, there was plenty of information about eco-friendlier choices scattered around the Internet, but no concise simple guides to get me started. I ended up purchasing several books (which I now love), but as an eco-novice I found the amount of information in them overwhelming and difficult to absorb or implement. What I really needed was a short and sweet green guide for sleep-deprived new parents. But at the time, I wasn't able to find anything like that online. Not so anymore!

Here are a few excellent online guides for natural baby care that are free, concise, and doable.

2014 Baby Non-Toxic Shopping Guide

by Women's Voices for the Earth (2014)
This just-published 16-page PDF has recommendations for baby feeding, personal care, breastfeeding, car seats, diapering, mattresses, nursery, strollers & carriers, toys, as well as personal products for mama and your hospital bag from experts such as Healthy Child Healthy World CEO Gigi Lee Chang, Smart Mama Jennifer Taggart, Toxic Baby movie producer Penelope Jagassar Chaffar, and the bloggers of Green Sisterhood.

Easy Steps for a Healthy & Safe Nursery

by Healthy Child Healthy World (2013)
This visually appealing 38-page e-book has chapters on furnishings & decor, baby care, baby gear, plus diaper bag must-haves and a 10-minute makeover for a healthier nursery. The introduction discusses how children are uniquely susceptible to toxic chemicals, the prevalence of toxic chemicals in baby products, and the problems associated with these chemicals.

The Mattress Matters: Protecting Babies While They Sleep

by Clean & Healthy New York (2011)
This 28-page report about crib mattresses does a great job of summarizing the issues and concerns surrounding the materials used to make crib mattresses. The report includes a very useful chart which describes the core materials, padding materials, cover materials, flame retardant treatment, waterproofing and antibacterial agents, potential allergens, as well as approximate price of over 50 crib mattresses. A 2013 update called Flame Retardants Finally Fade: Crib Mattresses Makers Respond to Chemical Concerns looks specifically at flame retardants. You can find my shopping guide for non-toxic crib mattresses based on the findings in this report in this post

New parents’ guide to safer children’s products

by Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families (2013)
This very brief guide lists 12 tips to help you avoid many of the worst toxic chemicals. I love that this guide includes steps parents can take to push retailers and elected representatives to take action on the issue of toxic chemicals. 

Top 10 Safer Baby Essentials

by Washington Toxics Coalition (2012)
This brief one-page guide addresses baby's crib, personal care products, diaper bag, nursing pillows, car seat, pacifiers and teethers, clothing, highchairs, strollers, and bottles.

Avoiding Toxins in Baby Products

by Eco-novice (2012, with occasional updates)
This is my own compilation of some of the latest research on toxic chemicals in baby products, along with simple lists of what to avoid and what to look for when shopping for baby. At the end of the post, I discuss the products I have used (not always the least toxic!) as I have attempted to navigate the world of potentially toxic baby products on a limited budget. For two very brief posts by Eco-novice about non-toxic baby care check out Eco-novice's Top Five Tips for a Healthy Nursery or What Does a Baby Need?

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What resources have you used for non-toxic baby care? 
If you know of another fabulous resource or have written a post on the topic, please share in the comments!

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  1. I have read your post. Thanks for this post, very good to know, especially for first time moms.


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