Kids' Party Favors on Etsy

These are the wands we gave out as party favors.
Sadly, they are no longer available.

Climate Crusader's excellent suggestions for goodie bag alternatives reminded me of an Etsy treasury list I started a couple of years ago when searching for party favors for my children's joint birthday party. First I'll say that I think the whole goodie bag business is completely superfluous, but oh well. I still feel obligated to give out something. But I try hard to only give out something I would want my own children to receive. A couple of years ago that something was a Hot Wheel for the boys and an Etsy flower wand for the girls (no points for gender neutrality).

While spending too much time searching Etsy for affordable kids' party favors, I found many additional possibilities depending on your price range (items below range from about $1 to $5 each). I've also pinned all these on my Kids' Party Favors from Etsy board.

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What have you found on Etsy lately?

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  1. Fortunately we are past the party favour stage but I do remember it with grim horror. We tended to give things that people could use, pencils, colouring pencils. One daughter's birthday is in November and our local market had a job lot of brightly coloured mittens going cheap. So that's what they got that year. THose flower wands are lovely. I can spend so much time on Etsy....


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