Easy Eco-tip Tuesday: Clean with Vinegar

Today's Easy Eco-tip

Green your cleaning routine by cleaning with vinegar. 

The thought of replacing all your favorite tried-and-true household cleaners with greener cleaners, whether homemade or store-bought, can be overwhelming. A very simple and cheap way to green your cleaning routine is to just clean with a spray bottle filled with straight or diluted vinegar. I personally use straight vinegar with a wet sponge and don't bother with dilution. Use vinegar to clean your kitchen table, kitchen counters, bathroom counter and toilet surfaces, mirrors and hard floors. (One caveat: do not use vinegar or other acidic cleaners on natural stone.) Vinegar disinfects, deodorizes, is completely safe, and very inexpensive. I buy two gallons at a time at Costco. It has a strong smell, but it dissipates quickly and after a few minutes there is no smell at all.

What is your favorite green cleaner?

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  1. I've been using vinegar (and bicarb) as the basis for my cleaners for years, but I have to confess that I am not wild about the smell. Then I read about infusing the vinegar with orange peel for a few weeks first. Hey presto! I've used orange and lemon peel and the cleaners smell delightful and work just as well if not better. Also I use any excess in vinegrette!

    1. Thank you for this tip! Perfect for folks who aren't crazy about the smell of vinegar (even if it is short-lived).


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