Weekend Links

I think we've all accepted this cannot be a weekly series for me.  But I like to do it when I get the chance because I read a lot of great stuff during the week.

A new study examined the amount and type of flame retardants chemicals in baby products, such as car seats and nursing pillows.  Great coverage of this study by Enviroblog (EWG's blog) and Healthy Child Healthy World.  Question #1 for me is: why do we need flame retardants in car seats and nursing pillows?

Just in time for summer, the ever-helpful Environmental Working Group just released their latest Sunscreen Guide.  Here is their own blog post explaining the highlights.

The store MightyNest (for which I am an affiliate) just rolled out a new kitchen section for their store.  Read this great post about 12 ways to avoid toxins in your kitchen from their blog.  I'll be posting my review of their stainless steel cup on Monday.  Use the code Friend10 for 10% off your entire order!

You might want to enter this Dream Green Giveaway from Lullaby Organics with 3 prizes worth $750 to $2,250. If you win, please include me in your living will.

My post on artificial sweeteners featured in Healthy Child Healthy World's Blog of the Week series.  I guess I'm glad someone likes my posts.

On a personal note, fellow blogger, mastermind behind the riveting Green Holidays series, and young mom Kelly Smith is having a brain tumor removed soon.  If you read Kelly's blog miskellany, you might be interested in learning more and pitching in to get her a little gift.


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