Why I Blog (Green Moms Carnival)

This post is part of the Green Moms Carnival.
The carnival is hosted by Karen Hanrahan of Best of Mother Earth.
The theme is Just for the Heart of It.

Why do I blog about Going Green Gradually?
I blog because I want somewhere to dump all the information I have accumulated in my head, and because I figure that someone else might as well benefit from all the research I have done and still do to help me make choices that are healthier for my family and for the planet.

I blog because I love my kids, and I love the Earth.

Why do I make these changes and do all this research?
Because I care about my children, and feel deeply responsible for their well-being.  I want to do what I can to limit their exposure to toxins that might compromise their health and happiness.  I want my home and the outdoors to be a safe place for them to play.  While some folks might feel comfortable relying on the government to ensure our safety, I studied public policy, and, frankly, I know better.  In short, much of our regulation is under-funded, outdated, toothless, or heavily influenced by corporate interests.  

What do I hope for?
Honestly, sometimes when I see those photos of plastic garbage in the ocean or people half-way around the world dismantling our electronics without any protective gear, or hear about the rising sea level, or how babies are born with 200 industrial chemicals coursing through their blood, whatever I do seems a little bit futile.  But I hope that by continuing to make gradual changes, by sharing information, and by influencing public policy through civic action, together we will leave a healthy world for future generations.

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  1. it's true that taking one's gathering of resources and making it available for others is very sharing -- nicely done! Welcome to Green Moms Carnival

  2. Welcome and Happy Valentines Day! Many parents care, they just don't know where to look. Thanks for pulling things into one place and helping to make information more accessible!

  3. You have created a great place for sharing information-important information. Thanks for doing what you do.

  4. It's hard not to feel discouraged in the face of environmental devastation. But I really believe that the actions we take can make a difference. I think that maybe I have to believe it. And so I do my best to make changes and share them.

    I think it's pretty much all that we can do. And I really hope that it will be enough.

  5. You really nailed the issue with "regulation is under-funded, outdated, toothless, or heavily influenced by corporate interests;" thanks for putting teeth (research) into your remarks.

  6. I share the same sentiments about blogging about going green! I started my website and blog in hope of teaching families how to live healthier lives by sharing what I've learned from my experiences and research.

    Several years ago, I made a commitment to maintain a healthy and green family, lifestyle, and household. I enrolled in healthy cooking classes and began to rework mi mama’s traditional Mexican recipes. I also began a research project to learn all about safer foods and products for my family. My family’s quest toward making healthier choices started with our diets, and we've gradually made our way into using eco-friendly cleaning products and other household items used in our home. I was prompted to take the leap and go green after reading an article on the potential harmful effects of plastic products containing BPA. I immediately went to my kitchen and threw away our kid’s plastic sippy cups and replaced them with eco-friendly ones. Going green has not happened overnight in our home. We are still working on it, making small changes along the way.


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