The Poop Report: Diapering and Pottying at 7 Months

Unbleached prefold inside a Thirsties cover: my current preferred
method for cloth diapering my 7-month-old baby.

My 7-month-old baby uses the potty every morning to go #1 and #2. Her diaper is often dry after naps, and I put her on the potty then and at other times of the day if I feel like it. She rarely poops in her diaper. I haven't had to change a poopy diaper for at least a week. The conventional wisdom -- that children can't be potty trained until 2 or 3 years -- is still so ingrained in my mind, that the novelty and thrill of my baby doing her business in the potty has not worn off, even though we've been doing this for 2+ months.

Cloth Diapers
My favorite cloth diaper choice at the moment: unbleached prefold (in thirds) inside a Thirsties cover. But she's growing out of the small, and my medium size Thirsties covers are pretty shot after heavy use by two other children. After consulting with the good people at Jillian's Drawers, I have ordered some Flip covers, because they have snap closures, and a flap to hold the prefold. The new Thirsties-duo covers have a snap closure, but don't have the flap I know and love. I'll let you know how I like the Flip covers. Unbleached prefold inside a waterproof cover is my preferred diaper on-the-go as well.

I also have the Kissaluvs fitted diaper for my baby's current size. I can't be bothered with putting on a fitted diaper and then a cover (which is my favorite way to diaper a newborn), because she so rarely poops in her diaper that I don't really need the extra insurance against pooplosions. But I do often put her in just the fitted diaper (without any cover) while at home. It's summer and it's hot. The cotton fitted diaper is cooler and more breathable, and I can change her as soon as she's peed. Sometimes a little pee gets on the bed or my lap, but I'm not afraid of pee, and usually she's on the wood floor and the lack of water-proofed-ness doesn't matter at all. She also still spends short spurts diaper-free on the floor, but not as much because she's more mobile now and I don't need pee all over the Hot Wheels.

I'm still using the Bumgenius at night. I'm using the regular insert plus one hemp insert, but she rarely wakes up with a full diaper since she pees in the pot in the morning. Still nice to have a little insurance though. I use a medium Thirsties cover over the Bumgenius diaper at night since the Bumgenius diaper gets a little damp around the legs when the diaper is full.

For more tips, tricks, and tales from early potty training, visit my Early Potty Training page.

What's the Poop Report at your house?

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  1. I'm 20 weeks pregnant with my first kid, and your cloth diapering posts are the reason I roll my sorry, insomniac butt out of bed in the morning. Maybe that's going a little too far... but I do love them. Your blog is a sweet resource!

    1. Thank you! Positive feedback always appreciated :) Best of luck in your pregnancy -- hope you start sleeping better soon.

  2. We were doing almost as well too at 7 months. Then he started crawling and it all fell apart! He hasn't pooped in the toilet in WEEKS! Now at 9.5 months, we're maybe catching 2 pees a day. I want to get back on track but I'm not sure how.

    1. That happened to me with my 2nd child when she started to walk. I thought I would go nuts, and then after several weeks, we got back on track. Very frustrating though. Is there a special toy/book you could use only on the potty that might be motivating? I shamelessly used videos to get my toddler to stay on the pot long enough to poop, but she was older. You should check out Diaper-free Baby. It talks about a "potty pause" which I found very helpful. Lots of parents deal with this (even parents of much older children!).

  3. You're right, I am overdue for a poop report on my own blog! The truth is that we are slipping a bit in the PEE department. He doesn't want to sit still long enough. He will usually tell me when he has to poop, or at least when he has started to poop, soon enough to avoid a messy diaper. We could definitely be doing better. We're going camping in August and I really want to get on it so we're a bit better by then.

    I'm glad it's working so well for you! That unconventional wisdom is so silly when you think about it logically, isn't it? A company wanted to sell more diapers over 30 years ago and the info they spread to do it is still the prevalent advice today. Crazy!

    BTW, we use videos to get my toddler to sit on the potty as well. The problem with him is that if we go diaper-free, he just pees on the floor. He even backs up slowly as he does it, to avoid peeing on his own feet! At least he does come get me to show me the mess afterwards...

    1. If all my kids ever did was poop in the pot (no pee), early potty training would still absolutely be 100% worth it IMO. I love not changing poopy diapers. And not dealing with wicked diaper rashes from skin contact with poop. Best of luck with your potty training and upcoming camping trip! When we traveled when kid #2 was about 15m, I felt sure she would back track completely -- she didn't. She pooped in the potty every morning (in her own potty, we brought it with us) and had not one poopy diaper on the entire trip. Sometimes the worst-case scenario doesn't happen. And hooray for that.

  4. I haven't tried the potty early, but I love my BGs at night as you mentioned, stuffed with the normal insert and one hemp. Thirsties covers and pfs are my go-to daytime dipes too. Maybe I'll be brave soon and try the baby on the potty. She's a smarty, so it might just work!


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