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World Water Day 2012

In recognition of World Water Day, here are some ideas for saving water:
  1. Drink filtered tap water in reusable water bottles, not bottled water.
  2. Use your dishwasher (if you have one) to wash as many dishes as possible, and run only full loads.
  3. Turn off the water while brushing teeth.
  4. Turn off the water while washing hands. I make my kids do this. They wet their hands, turn off the water, put soap on their hands, and sing the ABCs rubbing their hands together before turning on the water and rinsing off their hands. I do this partly because if I do leave the water running my children wash the soap off their hands immediately after applying it. Yep, the faucet handle does get a bit soapy.
  5. Do less laundry. Use less water when you do the laundry.
  6. Get a high-quality low-flush toilet and don't flush every time (if it's yellow, let it mellow). Don't get a low-quality low-flush toilet because they will clog up so much they will drive you nuts.
  7. Get rid of your front lawn. I wish we could do this, but we are renters. I would like to have either low-maintenance low-water landscaping in the front or an edible garden.
  8. Shower, don't bathe. This one is easy for me because I don't like baths, so I never take one. My toddler still prefers a bath, but we use a little plastic bath, instead of filling up our bathtub. Everyone else showers. And don't forget to use a low-flow shower head
  9. Tag-team showers. I'm not virtuous enough to fill buckets with water while the shower water gets warm (not virtuous enough to take a cold shower either). But my husband and I do try to tag-team shower in the morning whenever possible. As soon as one gets out, the other gets in. For the second shower, no wasted water while the water warms up because it's still hot!
  10. Shower less. I used to shower every 2 or 3 days, but postpartum-ness has made me need to shower every day. But since I only wash my hair once a week, most of my showers are very short. If you'd like to be extra awesome, shower like a soldier.

Conserving water helps the environment and saves you money!

How do you conserve water?

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Photo credit: Davey C. while in Iraq