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Green Cleaning - DIY Cleaning Recipes

One thing I like about this blog is that it sometimes spurs me to make changes sooner than I might have otherwise.  But more often, I am a better compiler than doer.  Such is the case with Do-It-Yourself cleaners.  I do use vinegar a fair amount for cleaning surfaces and floors, but I haven't ventured too far beyond it.  But I am hoping to expand my DIY repertoire soon (especially when my current cleaners run out), and when I do, here are the resources I will turn to:

Healthy Child Healthy World: 9 DIY Recipes for Natural Cleaners
All-Purpose Cleaner
Disinfecting Cleaner
Oven Cleaner
Tub & Tile Cleaner
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Furniture Polish
Glass & Window Cleaner
Mold 7 Mildew Cleaner
Floor Cleaner

Martha Stewart Healthy Cleaning Habits: Do-It-Yourself Cleaners
DIY All-Purpose Cleaners
DIY Carpet Cleaners
DIY Dishwashing Liquid
DIY Drain Cleaners
DIY Fabric Refreshers
DIY Fabric Softeners
DIY Floor Cleaner
DIY Furniture Polish
DIY Laundry Detergent
DIY Silver Polish
DIY Oven Cleaner
DIY Spray Starch
DIY Stain Remover
DIY Tub and Tile Cleaner
DIY Toilet Bowl Cleaner

DIY Glass Cleaner

Care2: How to Make a Non-toxic Cleaning Kit  
(PDF of shopping list and all recipes)
Creamy Soft Scrubber
Window Cleaner
Oven Cleaner
All-purpose Spray Cleaner
Furniture Polish
Vinegar Deodorizer
Mold Killers

Sierra Club's Green Cleaning Supplies
Creamy soft scrub
All-purpose green cleaner
Scouring Powder

Women's Voices for the Earth: Green Cleaning Recipes
All-purpose cleaner
Creamy soft scrub
Furniture polish
Toilet bowl cleaner (2 options)
Drain opener
Laundry detergent

Washington Toxics Coalition: Recipes for Safer Cleaning
Bathroom Cleaner
Window Cleaner
Drain Cleaner
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Oven Cleaner
Copper Cleaner

Green Upgrader: 6 Reasons Why You Should Be Cleaning Your House with Lemon Juice
Stain remover
All purpose cleaner
Glass cleaner

The Vinegar Institute: Uses and Tips
Household Hints

Laundry Hints
Food Preparation
Kids Stuff
Berry Ink and Quill Pens

Arm and Hammer Baking Soda: Solutions (uses by category and room)
Carpets & Floors
General Household

DIY cleaners are a great way to save money and reduce your use of plastic.  Instead of buying new plastic containers of store-bought cleaners, you buy a couple of spray bottles and fill them again and again with your own cleaning concoctions (mixed from ingredients you bought in bulk in non-plastic containers, ideally).  If you are not up to making your own cleaners yet, here are some other ways to reduce your use of plastic related to cleaning:
  • Buy green cleaners! You will expose your family and the environment to fewer harmful chemicals while supporting green businesses.
  • Lower your standards and clean less. You'll save money on cleaners and reduce the amount of plastic packaging you recycle/discard.
  • Use cleaners that come in concentrated form. I use Murphy's Oil Soap on my floor, and the one bottle I bought has kept me going for well over a year now. I just mix up the concentrate with some water in my own spray bottle

The complete Green Cleaning Series:

What are your DIY cleaning tips? 

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