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Lazy and Cheap Ways to Be Green

My husband mentioned that all my posts seem to be about cloth diapers.  So here is a post about something else.

I save the environment and money in many ways just by 
being lazy:  
  • Shower less often (remember, they almost never bathed during the middle ages, and look how well that turned out!)
  • Bathe your kids less often (I bathed my first baby every single night, but my second baby is lucky to bathe once a week -- this is due more to lack of time than my desire to conserve water.  Until babies are mobile, how dirty are they really getting anyway?) 
  • Wash your own clothes less often -- we don't wash unless it is noticeably dirty or smells
  • Wash your kids' clothes less often -- my infant definitely wore the same clothes several days in a row until she started eating solid foods and playing on the floor more often
  • Clean your house less often (save money on cleaners!)
  • Use the same plate, cup and silverware more than once in the same day
  • Wash more in the dishwasher, less by hand (almost always saves water) 
  • Use and reuse cloth napkins (leave them on the table between meals)
  • Don't flush the toilet for #1 (if it's yellow, let it mellow) 
  • Water your lawn less or, even better, plant a wild low-water ground cover plant like clover that needs little water and almost no maintenance (or a rock garden)
  • Stay home instead of going out to eat or to a movie
  • Send e-cards instead of real cards (although, who doesn't love a snail mail card?)
These ideas mostly seem related to a lack of hygiene and cleanliness.  You may not want to admit you do these things to your mother-in-law (I definitely don't).  But it's good to know that even if you are a bit slothful, at least that makes you somewhat virtuous in another respect. 

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Any other ideas?