Looking for a Wooden Monster Truck?

Dog Wood by Dave's Monster Truck is 10 inches long, 6 inches tall,
weighs nearly a pound and a half, comes in several colors,
and costs $15.95 (plus $12.95 US shipping).

Look no further. I found one for you on Etsy. This truck is made by Dog Wood by Dave and it made the perfect birthday gift for my 5yo.

It all started when my son began asking for a monster truck every time he came home from a certain friend's house. A certain friend with a monster truck. At first I just hoped the request would go away, but then I had a wonderful idea. What if I could find a monster truck on Etsy?

Of course I did, and our new new monster truck has been a big hit. I love that the entire vehicle is wood, including the ginormous treaded wheels. It is a heavy, sturdy toy. Dog Wood by Dave also makes a trailer that works with this monster truck (it also works with their monster jeep and monster SUV), but we didn't order that. My son managed to figure out how to utilize the trailer hitch with what he had on hand though.

We also ordered the Retro Touring Car, which just had a wonderful old look to it, especially those wheels. My son is fascinated by "old cars" as he calls them.

Retro Touring Car is 10.5 inches long, 4 inches wide, 4 inches wide, 
and available in various finishes. It costs $9.95 (plus $7.95 US shipping).

We've had these vehicles for many months now and they've provided hours of imaginary play. The headlights of our monster truck did get knocked off by some very vigorous play. I will glue them back on eventually, although not too soon as I think they may get knocked off again. I can't imagine anything else coming off except these small lights, which provide a nice touch but also a vulnerable detail. One other small problem: the Retro Touring Car's wheels do not roll as nicely as I had hoped on our wood floor, particularly compared to the Monster Truck, whose wheels are completely awesome. I have found this to be true with certain other wood cars we own: some wooden wheels actually roll a bit better with some friction, for example, on a carpet.

My 3yo daughter is a fan too.

Dave Penosky, a disabled veteran, opened his Etsy store Dog Wood by Dave to sell his wooden sculptures (called fretwork and intarsia) of dog breeds. If you are a pure bred dog lover, you will definitely want to check those out. Later he began making toys: cars, trucks, a few boats, and some funky painted rolling animals too.

Place your order by December 20th in order to get it in time for Christmas!

Disclosure: Dog Wood by Dave sent me one Retro Touring Car to facilitate this review. I purchased the Monster Truck. All opinions are my own. Please read my full disclosure statement here.


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